Friday, April 25, 2014

Vacation prep

For real what am I going to wear to Disney? I thought it would be so fun to shop for vacay clothes because I would be so thin by now. Hahahahahaha.

Instead, I am dressing the body I have. It will be wearing shorts and flowy tank tops or linen button downs, BTW. I would like to score at least one more sundress and have exhausted Old Navy and the mall. I plan to try the fancy mall this weekend. 

(I think I  going to buy a bikini or 2, too, because fuck it. I am not getting any younger over here.)
Dorothy loves to dress up in aprons. And she smiles on command for the camera. 
She really prefers a layered look. 

So, whenever I make cookies in a 385-degree oven, they turn out like this:
Those tasted great, BTW. 

The only way I can exercise with the babies in te double stroller is to promise them a park trip after. Today we classed it up by keeping them in their jammies. (I figured the slides would be wet). 

The whole fam damily got ugly but supremely comfy Disney shoes!
 Now all I have to finis finish obsessing about my clothes and turn my attention to buying tons of clothes for the kids. And a new car seat for Dorothy for the plane (and because she needs a new one anyway) and a coupe of car seat roller things for the airport. (Cooper and Dorothy both have their own seats and need car seats for the trip). And a couple of booster seats for H and J because it is cheaper to buy cheap ones than to rent them with the rental car. (We are spending time at the beach before driving from Tampa to Orlando) And a million other things. Vacation is so relaxing. 

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  1. I bought a bubble bum for E and it was great, plus a LOT easier to tote around. They also did great in safety tests. Enjoy Disney world!