Monday, May 31, 2021

End of May

Baseball pictures!
The other day, I left my stroller in the hockey rink parking lot because we have to park in the hockey rink parking lot to go to baseball, and I was apparently distracted putting all the kids in the car. I didn't notice that the stroller was gone FOR SIX HOURS, until I went to grab it from the trunk after dinner. Some lovely person put it in the lost and found, and we were THRILLED
Ben, Dorothy, and Cooper finished HP book 3, so we had themed snacks for movie night
Pool night! I wore sweats! She wore a sweater!


Sunday, May 30, 2021

First! 2! Pool! Days!

 First of all, LET ME JUST SAY: these should not have been pool days. I was so cold today in my clothes at the pool's edge that I had to go home and get sweat pants. Minnie wore a sweater. BOTH DAYS. 

But I slapped a filter on my pics, and it looks downright SUMMERY.

And really truly, not having to shove my postpartum body into a swimsuit has been pretty great. Plus! I took the middle 3 kids while Minnie napped today and read like half a book.

Bring it, summer!

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Pool day!

 But! It was only 60 degrees today. Pro: we had pleeeeeeenty of room to social distance. Con: IT WAS SIXTY FREAKING DEGREES.

Also, notice that Harry is not in this picture? ME TOO. He is too cool to come to the pool with us anymore, and I was NOT READY.

Dive season. It is upon us. Expect more of these.

Friday, May 28, 2021

Mask angst

 I just ordered a creepy skin tone color Hannibal Lecter mask (not really, but sort of) for Dorothy to wear to her outdoor dance recital. Weird times.

Ben and I took Minnie to Trader Joe's-- our first time since 2/19 and her probably ONLY time because on June 2, our county drops its mask mandate. I am OK with taking the other kids out still-- especially to run into store real fast-- because they can wear masks and stay in line with the CDC's advice for unvaccinated people. Minnie can't, so I want to keep her mostly outdoors. IS THIS WEIRD? What are you doing with your unvaxxed kids, especially those too little for masks??

Like this nosy neighbor:

Thursday, May 27, 2021

Almost summer!

So far, hats are the enemty.

 The pool opens this weekend, which is hard to believe because it is rainy and IN THE FORTIES right now. But! This was a couple days ago-- sunny, 80, and wonderful:

I am all the time sun's out guns out because I have a terrible t-shirt tan.
We are stumbling toward the end of the school year... more on that later.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

No ear infection!!

 But her left one was red, so we need to follow up if she gets fussy or the bad sleep continues. She weighed 18 pounds, 6 ounces, making her 2 pounds heavier than a 9 month-old Dorothy and right on par with her brothers who were all between 8 pounds 13 oz and 8 pounds 5 ounces at that age.

A woman in the waiting room was coughing uproariously, and I was SO ANGRY that she wasn't roomed faster. The pediatrician agreed with me and said she would follow up. I was super hesitant to even TAKE Minnie to the clinic in the first place and then the coughing! Ugh.

We also had baseball last night and tried to spectate, but Minnie is... not a fan of being off her post-dinner routine, a character trait we will test tonight with 2 baseballs and a dance class YIKES.

Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Milestone alert: doctor visit for ear pain

 I **think** that Minnie's ears hurt because she is teething, but what if she has an ear infection that I ignore and then she can't hear anymore, you know?? So, we are off to see the pediatrician.

She is sleeping poorly (OMG I AM TOO OLD FOR THE POOR SLEEP) and tugging at her ears.

But also she is getting a YUGE front top tooth. (**shrug**)

We love HP trivia so much we had to order VOLUME 2:

Dorothy looked like a cute little mouse:
Minnie slept poorly at night but slept in until after 8, like a baby teenager she is.

Monday, May 24, 2021

Monday, Monday

Minnie made it all the way from her closet door to the end of the hallway (mostly on her tummy-- she just looked like a crawler

I have been trying to get her to take this retro paci her whole life. NO DICE. But seriously, that romper, right?

NO SHIT, APPLE WATCH. I HAVE 5 KIDS. I will always slay my stand goal.


Sunday, May 23, 2021

Happy little weekend

It was a rare baseball-free weekend, and we all loved it. Groceries. Cooking. Sushi. House cleaning. Tennis. Walks through the neighborhood. So fun!

Dorothy and Cooper begged to have a slumber party, and we realized how incredibly low maintenance the whole thing would be. So! We gave them a laptop to watch a movie (they chose The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants) and set up a tent on the floor of Cooper's room. They piled in with popcorn, candy, juice boxes, sleeping bags, and pillows. After the movie (that we started at 7:25 because they were so excited to have a sleepover they took showers right after dinner), Dorothy slept on the top bunk and Cooper on the bottom. They slept in! Even though they stayed up late reading. It was cute AND completely easy-- WINNING.

Minnie is SO BUSY you guys!
All of the sudden, she can sit up from laying down, and she can get where she wants to go with a weird combo of bear walling, crawling, and scooting on her tummy.

We spent a lovely little while at a petting farm on Saturday-- pics to come!

Friday, May 21, 2021

Augustus Gloop

Mask mandates don't expire here until 6/2, so I took my unvaccinated children to Target while I still can, and let me just tell you, I WILL NOT MISS THAT EXPERIENCE. Not only did I spend $250, but everyone acted nuts.  BRUTAL.

But! Cooper saw this outfit in the baby PRIDE section, and we knew it would make Minnie look like a human Cabbage Patch Kid, and she DID, so all was not lost even though the actual errand was hellacious.
Minnie learned how to sit up from being on her tummy, and we know from experience that this means shit is about to get REAL, so I was at Target for a baby gate, which we bought, along with a walker toy, clothes for Dorothy and Minnie, an umbrella, a bunch of junk food, beauty products, YOU KNOW HOW IT GOES.

The pocket of her bib OMG so gross.

Ben gave her a lick of his popsicle, and she was SO INTENT on having more. Hence the Augustus Gloop nickname.


Thursday, May 20, 2021

I have GOT to stop trying to post at night

So, the problem is that by the time I get a hot second to work on this blog (or do anything else) I am EXHAUSTED and cannot even.
I am obsessed with this baby yoga situation
And also this silly, silly outfit.
She played the piano with her feet for quite some time today
Let's see. The kids are totally over virtual school. Minnie is sleeping terribly because she is teething. Or maybe because she hates me. Hard to say. My school year is wrapping up, but I have a TON on my plate for summer.  I have lost 12 pounds since I started trying and 24 since I had Minnie. 10 to go! We are all excited for the pool to open and summer activities to start... And tomorrow-- there will be actual paragraphs.

Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

I got nothing

Welp. My county just ended all COVID restrictions, and I applied for a $1300 parking permit for next school year. I guess the pandexit is upon us.

In other news, boxes are the freaking best.

Minnie was staring intently at me and hoping for a lick of popsicle.

She's just so sweet all passed out for nap time.
Baby yoga!
She is a huge fan of avocado toast
But not a huge fan of grass.

 That's all I got, friends. My kids are fighting with each other and 2/5 have had a flappy tantrum at me because it's raining. **blink blink**