Saturday, April 26, 2014

Beautiful day

I found two 2-piece bathing suits today with flirty little ruched bottoms with tiny skirts (not like the sad saggy skirts I wore last year) and bra tops. One is Kenneth Cole and the other is a Target knock off, meaning I braved dressing rooms at 2 separate stores and came out victorious! I really want a high-waisted bikini from J Crew, too, but why test my luck?

I think I am done buying myself clothes after a trip to Anthropologie today (and a promise to swing back there on my way to campus Monday for a shirt I didn't buy but should have). Now I can turn my attention to Harrison and Dorothy, the only kids we ever have to buy stuff for. Shopping for them is always stress-free and involves no swearing at myself in dressing room mirrors. 

But the real reason today was so great was the perfect hour I spent at a park with Dorothy, Cooper, Harry, and some of  Harry's soccer friends while Ben coached Jack's team (the kids had back to back games, which was really convenient). There was one of those old metal merry go rounds, and I have never seen Cooper as happy as he was sitting in the middle surrounded by big kids with his bed head blowing in the centrifugal force. The swings made Dorothy scream with delight, and Harry and his friends made up an elaborate game about monsters and trains. It was the perfect hour. 

And then I got bathing suits! Crazy. 

Also, Dorothy had her first ice cream. LOVED IT. 

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