Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Stealing Cookies From a Baby

So far I am feeling great about spring break.  Mainly because I am still at work while Ben is home with everyone because these 2 days are my work days.  The rest of the week is pretty much him at the office, so I will cue the hysterical bitching to start tomorrow.

Another awesome thing about spring break is that no one has worn clothes (except me), and we have way less laundry than usual.

These pictures were all taken after dinner last night, and you would never know it because all 3 kids are wearing pajamas or parts of pajamas. (Harry and Ben were out, so I guess they got dressed yesterday, too).

Before I took these pictures, these 3 clowns were posed adorably around the cookie-eating baby on her car.  As soon as I grabbed my phone, Cooper sprang into action.

Things I love about these photos:  The pajamas.  That I gave her another cookie so she'd stop crying (MOTY).  How mad she was at Cooper.  Cooper in the last shot.  Bunny ears.