Friday, April 04, 2014

No naps

Back when Dorothy used to take two naps-- which was just last week but feels like a lifetime ago-- I had 2 autonomous chunks of time to spend everyday.  I mean, sure Cooper was still around for the morning nap, but he is a breeze compared to a 12-month-old who walks, runs, and climbs and is hell-bent on self destruction.  I can easily check email, grade for my online class, read my book, or even jump on the elliptical while Cooper plays happily beside me.  I would usually cram household tasks like tidying, dusting, vacuuming, and laundry along with a workout into the morning nap.  And then I would have all of the afternoon double nap to do whatever I wanted, which was NOTHING while watching HGTV and eating my lunch.  And as every mom will tell you, this is not a waste of time; IT IS EXACTLY WHAT NAP TIME IS FOR.

But now!  Now I spend what used to be nap time playing blocks or reading kid books or playing violent puppets (Cooper has 2 monster puppets who like to attack each other) and doing housework with babies trialing after me.  I get to laundry right before baby lunch time, AKA the crabbiest time of the day except for 6-7pm when both of them are ready for bed and have lost their shit.  The right before noon hour (and by noon, I mean 11:10 because nap time starts at the crack of 11:30 or else Dorothy falls asleep wherever she is standing) is like a mini-witching hour JUST FOR ME.  While they are eating, I use the 20 minutes they aren't tearing shit up to make sure the living room and kitchen is totally clean except for their lunch mess so I can have time to clean THAT up while they sleep, after I have worked out, taken a shower and maybe eaten lunch myself (sometimes I eat so much shit off their plates while making/cleaning up their food that I don't have enough calories left for real food). No more time to spend wisely by squandering it, is what I am trying to say.

This morning I made Pioneer Woman baked french toast to practice because I want to make it for Easter morning/afternoon brunch.  I think it will go really well with the leftover ham we'll have from our nondenominational Passover/Easter/Jack's birthday meal the day before (we are also making a brisket).  My family will all still be in town the next day (yay!!) including my brother and his partner who are foodies (yay again!), and we'll just be a bunch of Jews sitting around with a leftover ham on Easter, you know, the usual.  Anyway, the french toast!  SO GOOD!  I only had a few bites of the kids' (why yes, this does mean I served them huge portions that I knew they would not eat and then stood over the sink as I scraped their plates cramming the leftovers in my face and not counting them on My Fitness Pal because it was JUST A FEW BITES,  DAMNIT).

These Gap sweatpants are the cutest things ever.  They are all skinny at the ankle. Ben bought them for both kids, but Harry is too cool to wear em.  Not Jack. :)
 I told her she couldn't have an Oreo, and she immediately put her hand on her forehead like this.
 Super stacker.

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