Sunday, May 31, 2015

Odds and Ends

You guys, it is my bedtime, and I am still hungover.  In other words, last night was fun.

But this morning-- I am getting way too old for these mornings.

I walked pretty far this morning to go get my car-- Ben's Prius, actually.  And you know how you just need to stand near a Prius with your keys and it unlocks?  I must have stood leaning on my car for like 2 solid minutes before I realized I DIDN'T HAVE ANY FUCKING KEYS.

I don't think I brushed my teeth last night because when I was cleaning our room I found my gum on the headboard.  Also, I was wearing a full face of makeup including long-wear lipstick when I woke up this morning.

Then at the grocery store, I forgot to buy milk.  MILK.

I have been fuzzy all day long.

I only got dressed-- in clean yoga pants to replace the questionable ones I wore all day-- at like 4, so I have no pictures from today  Instead enjoy these from  earlier in the week:

Math games day for first grade-- I got the always popular magna-tile station
 Cooper and I went for a walk to splash in more puddles and ended up using a large stick to fish a bunch of worms out of a puddle and return them to the grass.  He was very serious about it.
 Trying to capture Jack and Cooper's spontaneous matching with a delightful photobomb.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Muddy puddles-- just like Pepa Pig over here.

 The tissue game, pictured above, drives me crazy because it results in a box of really gross, shredded tissues that I throw away and then feel bad about wasting, but damn does it keep her happily occupied.

As, I learned after dinner when Ben had Harry at lacrosse and I didn't know what to do with the rest of the circus until bedtime, does jumping in mud puddles.

Clearly, all 3 of them loved it.

 And since they were all so filthy, we went to the park.
YOU GUYS! I had the most body-positive, grown-up thought the other day.  I have 2 swimsuits that look good on me for the pool and about 6 more that WOULD look good on someone about 15 pounds lighter.  After trying them all on, I thought to myself I am going to need to buy a few more swim suits before we go on vacation.  NOT Shit, I need to lose 15 pounds before vacation.  Progress!  Because I am not at an unhealthy weight.  I am just heavier than I'd like to be-- the same amount heavier that I have been for the past TWO YEARS.  And maybe the secret is just new bikinis.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Lovely Weekend

 Dorothy wore her goggles all day yesterday and carried her little pool bucket all over the house.  But, alas, rain.  All day, rain.

The boys and I skipped Cooper's nap and met 5 grown-up friends and 6 more kiddos at the Dream Lounger theater to watch Tomorrowland.  I mean, I will see any movie in those seats, and I like George Clooney as much as the next chubby suburban mom, so it was pretty fun.
 Like, Cooper, though, I also thought it was long and boring.  Way not as good as Pitch Perfect 2, that's for sure.   But, the seats.  And the theater serves wine.  So.  (Which, I did not have because I have been drinking so much that I am going to weight eleventy billion pounds by the end of the summer.
 And then we went to Costco, where my moderation resolution got weak.
 She loves to color.  And she loves to show me every picture.  And she loves to draw the hell all over the table.  But I needed her to do SOMETHING because Ben had to go get a tetanus shot because he sawed his knuckle with a rusty saw making his fire, and I needed to make dinner fast this morning so we could go to the POOL.
 So does she-- it's adorable.
 I love all their sandals.  I would say little sandals, but Harry's are my size!
 I even had dessert ready to go.
This has been such a lovely weekend. I am actually turning into one of those moms.  Those moms who are EXCITED about summer break.  What the what?  But I have 3 more weeks until the kids are out of school, and I am going to enjoy the heck out of them.  (At the pool.  By myself.  At least some of the time.)

Saturday, May 23, 2015

ANOTER catch up post? LAME, huh?

When I woke up this morning, I thought I might die from my hangover.

Then I realized the house still smelled like backyard bonfire blowing in through the windows.

And finally, I noticed that my ridiculous arms and chest sunburn was still bright pink.

An excellent start to the day.

Not nearly as excellent, though, as Dorothy found Tuesday's after school cookies.  Tuesday was also notable because we went to the bar after PTO.
 We got to see sweet baby on Wednesday
 And spend plenty of time hanging out at home
 Then I went BACK to the bar for wine club on Wednesday after first hitting up my favorite nail salon that serves wine for pre-pool-opening pedicures with some friends

 Brief break in all the drinking for a lovely Thursday.
 On Friday, a fellow-PTO mom friend and I ran the PTO-lunch-with-teacher auction prize lunch hour.  Which was really about 2.5 hours.  That we spent serving sandwiches in a room that smelled like onions because the sandwich shop delivered a VAT of them on the side.
 Then we went to the bar AGAIN for our own lunch, which is where I got the raging farmers tan/sunburn.  (That's a beef stick in my drink)
 Jack was dressed up because he won be-the-principal-for-a-half-day in the auction a couple months ago.  I don;t know why he was on the counter.
 My sunburn.
 Friday night, we made a bonfire and had some friends over for even more drinks and s'mores.
 Just a small fire.
 I wanted to join Beatrix on the deck this morning, but instead, Ben and Harry went to lacrosse, and I took the other 3 to the zoo where a new arctic exhibit just opened.
 The kids love every zoo photo opp

 Ben and Harry met us for zoo lunch

 And a quick ride on the merry-go-round

 They were bored of animals and wanted to go to the pool but found a few minutes for statues.

 Jack was cracking himself up because he was between the lions-- Between the Lions is his favorite show to watch at school.
 Harry and I walked to the pool, so I could get steps on my Fitbit, but then Ben took the pool bag-- with my Fitbit inside it-- home and I walked home but got no step credit so I binged on pizza and Oreos because I figured fuck it.
 Dorothy LOVED the pool even though she got burned on the top of her sweet head.
 Oh, Jack.

 Dorothy passed out waiting for the pizza.
I need to figure out how to have wicked fun this summer-- because OMG this last week has been so fun--without drinking everyday or blowing my calorie budget.  Not sure if that's possible!