Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday House and Thursday Mood

Kelsey at Rising Shining wrote a great post about Thursday House that really resonated with me. I realized that not only does my house sort of fall apart by the end of the week, so, too, does my mood, my whole mindset. I am ready for a couple of days to veg and do nothing and catch up on housework, but I still have to slog through 2 more days of doing all the things. This morning, Ben even thought that today was Saturday.

So, I did my very best to banish the Thursdays by:

  • Doing a quick tidy of bedrooms with Pledge and the vacuum as well as a very bleachy bathroom wipe-down.
  • Baking some banana muffins to weed out old fruit and make the house smell great.
  • Walking for an hour with a friend
  • Waking with the kids during nap
  • Doing the crappiest tasks on my work to-do list first
  • Laying off the coffee before I got the shakes
  • Appreciating my very toddliest of toddlers.
Ok, I do that last one every day.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

A little obsessed.

 I might be obsessed with Minnie eating.

Add in pigtails, and forget it.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Mask Anxiety

 I have been spending a not insignificant amount of money on masks for the fam. Harry and Jack wear NIOSH medical respirator n95s-- a new one very day. I also wear these to lecture, although lecture is only an hour, so I can reuse the same one a few times. Ben also wears them to meetings, and he, too, can wear a mask more than once in these cases.

In my building and around campus, I wear KN95s, as does Ben. Harry and Jack wear these any time they are inside anywhere that's not school and even when they hang out outside with friends.

Dorothy and Cooper wear KN95s on the deck at swimming and dive, at dance class, and when they play outside with friends, run into the library, etc.

Now here's where the anxiety comes in: It is sometimes hard to source these masks because everyone is buying them for their sneauxflakes. The kiddie KNs and the medical masks are both occasionally difficult to track down and always expensive. The adult KN95s are more plentiful, but you have to make sure you are buying legit masks (SAME WITH THE N95s). It's not as easy as filling a cart and checking out, especially when you figure in shipping delays, back order situations, etc.

BUT YOU GUYS. I am both the only person in my family who has a sense of how much money and work this all is AND the only person who KEEPS TRACK OF MY GD MASK. Like, every time I open a car or van door, I see the cupholders, door pockets, and FLOOR littered with rare, expensive masks, and it makes my head explode.

Finally, Ben and I talked about it, and I said he could either stop wasting masks and help me keep track of the kids' or he could stop teasing me about mask shipments and charges. He chose to stop caring about how many masks I order and how much they cost, and this has eased some of my tension. BUT NOT ALL OF IT. HOW HARD IS IT TO HANG ON TO YOUR EFFING MASK for a few swim practices or trips to the store?

Really hard, apparently.

And after that rant, let me give you Harry at a virtual debate tournament and Minnie playing tiny piano:

Monday, October 11, 2021

Bebe Sleep

 Last night was SO GOOD!

Minnie woke up at 12:26 (which was awful because I went to sleep at 11:16), but I didn't go and get her. I watched her (dispassionately, if we are being honest) on the monitor, and she settled fast and went back to sleep. hen she woke up AGAIN at 2:38 (and if you are thinking holy cow, Sarah, this is a good night? THEN WELCOME TO MY WORLD), and I went to her room and rubbed her back for literally 15 seconds, and she went back to sleep. When she woke up at 4:16 (yes, for realz, this was a GOOD NIGHT), I fed her because my breasts were full and also I won't be home to feed her all day. AND THEN SHE SLEPT UNTIL SEVEN AM.

I woke up at 5:45 to exercise. I got dressed. I started the morning tidy, and Minnie slept soundly through it all. I HOPE THIS HAPPENS AGAIN.

We started bath at 7:27 last night, and she was out by 8:10-- the key, perhaps??

WISH ME LUCK. I am literally too old for this.

(those are the faces we make when one of eats an entire dandelion fluff head)

Friday, October 08, 2021

Ugh. Witching Hour

 There is always a point in the afternoon when the kids turn into horrible little jerks, no matter how good they have been up to that point. And, like, every day I am surprised when it happens, which is just silly. Any ideas for what we can do when the boreds destroy our chill vibe? We try to go outside, but rain has foiled these plans the last few days. One day we made a cloud since Cooper was studying clouds anyway. Another day, we did indoor hula-hooping and took turns choosing songs for each other. Both kids have book projects they're working on, so those help. The main issue is that this happens most often during nap time, a time that I am frantically working  and also feel entitled to some "me" time. Other ideas? Kiwico maybe? (literally just paused what I was doing to order a Halloween crate. THAT WILL KILL ONE DAY. I need stuff that's genuinely fun but also does not require me to participate heavily. So, you know, a unicorn.

Whale spout
Lost in a good book:

Thursday, October 07, 2021


 I just FaceTimed Minnie, and it was a terrible mistake. She was so happy to see me at first, but then you could see her little mind whirring, and she realized that I was on the phone and not at home, and I asked her to blow me kisses, and she started to cry and said no no no and shook her little head. It was SO SAD, and I really just wanted to come home and squeeze her.

Having a toddler is such a ridiculous delight.

She is a constant source of amusement and delight. Even when the teenagers are cranky and teenager-y, she makes them laugh. She gives hugs and kisses. She toddles all the way around the block. She says yes and no and is pretty good at telling us specifically what she wants and needs. She's just so perfect. Gah.

Wednesday, October 06, 2021

Covid Booster Day!

 I got my COVID booster shot today, so cross your fingers that I don't get sick because I scheduled it with no regard for childcare, workload, etc. Because, clearly, I am a freaking genius. Also, I wore an outfit that requires serious work if I want to pee, and my arm is starting to hurt. So, great planning all around.

I am doing that thing I do where cooking and cleaning creeps in to time I have set aside for more worthwhile pursuits. Anyone have a way to NOT do that? It happens on days I go to the office AND on days I stay home, and it's really frustrating.

Ok-- apropos of nothing, here is my favorite thing right now: MINNIE PLAYING BALL: