Tuesday, June 25, 2024

We Heart Sea Pines

 We had a delightful Hilton Head trip. There were jellyfish and sting rays and also a rip tide. But still! It was wonderful.

Ben did some work, and I adored solo parenting from the beach. He also took the big boys to Savannah, and I took the youngest three back to the beach one day.

Coop likely has a future in civil engineering given how amaze balls his sand castles were (he stayed through the tide coming in every afternoon to see how many waves the could withstand).

No one got sunburned. We ate delightfully terrible food. Ben and I went to Salty Dog sans kids every night. We also got to take a lovely beach walk in the mornings. It was a dream.

I always curse my fear of flying midway through a driving trip. And also, we need 3 suites at Embassy these days, so a drive is not exactly a cost savings, especially because we eat a lot you guys. But still— it’s a journey, to say the least. 

Journey pics:

(Yes we did spend HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS at Bucc-ees. And Ben was the most spendy, even though he started the whole stop out by saying we only had 10 minutes and setting a timer. And then suddenly he was CHANGING HIS SHIRT IN THE PARKING LOT. He also bought me and Minne matching 4th of July t’s. Jack got a button down (LOL), and Dorothy got Jibbitz for her Crocs AND jewelry. It was ludicrous.)

Our place was right on the beach and had a lovely pool. We went to the Sea Pines beach club every day, hit all of our favorite restaurants and shops and playgrounds. **chef’s kiss**

We got dressed up for dinner, ate Stu’s on the beach. I said fuck it and wore bikinis on this year’s body— very one had giant hair. We loved it!

One night we were all hungry and had to wait 90 minutes for a table, and Minnie was kind of losing it by the time we sat down and then! I found a random roll of washi tape in my purse, and she was happy all night. 3 year-olds are SO WEIRD.

Sea Pines is so great- it’s hard for us to leave until we have a solid plan to come back— that’s how much we love it. Can’t wait to see it again soon.