Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Next Year I'm Getting the Wishbone, You Turkeys! Or Happy Thanksgiving 2006 by Harry the Dancing Machine. Gobble Gobble.

My mom wanted me to say that she knows it has been awhile since she updated the blog, but that is actually a good thing. When you don't see blog entries, it means my mom is making progress toward her degree, so get off her back! Oh, and she said to say that she doesn't have time for spell check, either.

Sleeping in my chair-- so adorable.

My parents were amazed at how much I roll during the night, so they took a picture-- loook how far my feet hang over the bars.

Everyday when my mom makes the bed, she makes a Harry sandwhich, and it cracks me up every time!

Grandma Karen sent me some socks that my mom says are bog enough to fit my giant feet. I seem to like them, too. Thanks, Grandma!

Look! I can sort of sit!!

I am helping my Dad get the remote control out from under the couch. This is much trickier than it looks because the couch no longer reclines because Daddy broke it. Don't tell him he broke it, though, becuse he will reply with the sophisticated rhetorical device known as the "Nuh-Uh."

I am so darn cute-- I'm not conceited-- everybody tells me I am.

Oh my gosh! I am so excited about almost sitting up!!

I can't crawl, though.

Check me out-- I'm super Harry

Still can't crawl...

Sitting is harder than it looks, guys.

Here I am with Bomma and Jack on Thanksgiving Day.

How many Meinen siblings does it taske to chaange a diaper? One-- the only one left after the other two turn on each other and run screaming from the room. bet you thought I was going to say "One, but the diaper rally has to change." Ha!

With Grandpa Gary

With Uncle Jon

Dad and Jack eating turkey.

Mom and Jack and turkey


Me and Grandma

I think Uncle Jon is drunk.

Leslie, Molly and Grandpa. And turkey.

Great Uncle Larry and me

Justin all played out.

Granbdma, Jon, and Auunt Heather.

Me with Aunt Heahter-- I was really drooly, hence the burp rag,

Bomma and Jack.

Me smooshed in between my grandparents

Cool toy, huh? Too bad I kept smakcing myself in the face with it. hand control is something I'm developing this month, okay?

My parents snuggling.

Me and Grandma Lynne

Me and my Mom and me and my Mom and my Dad after my longet crying jag ever-- solved by Gerber gas drops that my dad and my Uncle Ben had to go to 3 drugstores for. Thanks, guys, I know all simithicone drops have the same ingredients, but they are not all created equal.

The new beds at Marriott are pretty sweet.

Chilling at Bomma and jack's before getting on the road

My mom took these wile sitting in the backseat with me, and I pooped. It wwas gross. I think I am pooping in these pictures. I am pooing right now, too. Ahh, poop.

Mom and Dad got the Chrismukkah spirit.

Here's the finished product. I like to look at the lights, and I wish I could touch and eat the shiny things on the tree.

Again, my parents are amazed at my ability to move. Hello, rolling is so three months. Where have you guys been?


See ya later, guys,k but hopefully not for awhile becaus that means my mom will graduate some day.