Thursday, July 27, 2006

Concert on the Square

Wednesday night, we went to the Concert on the Square and loved listening to the Madison Symphony Orchestra. Harry especially enjoyed the Celtic Celebration-- wait until you see the pictures of him dancing! I know we've had lots of posts this week, but what can I say-- it's been an exciting week. Harry even slept in his crib last night, and he slept great! We put him down at 10:00 (he slept all day and then had crazy eyes from 4:00-10:00), and he didn't wake up until 1:45. Then, he slept until 5:30. Unfortunately, he was up for the day at 5:30, but that was fine with me because I slept for 7 hours IN A ROW! Ben gets up and feeds Harry some pumped milk for his first feeding. Last night, the FIRST feeding was the ONLY feeding, so I got to sleep-- poor Ben. Enjoy the pics!

Here's Harry's crazy dance... he might have his Mom's rhythm... or his puppet master Dad's, hmmm...

Harry with his old pal Maegan-- doesn't she look awesome?

Harry with his new friend Michelle

And with his new friend Katie

Harry and his Dad checking out the stars as the sun sets

A few pictures of the fam

Harry in his little man clothes

A few pictures of Harry sleeping-- he's so darn cute-- and tummy time really wears him out!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Special Edition: "Dad's First Business Trip" by Harry

My Dad went to Cleveland, Ohio on July 23rd and 24th, and it was the first night I have spent away from him. I really missed the big guy who tried to feed me cold milk. In fact, I slept exceptionally poorly-- even for me-- on Sunday night without Dad in the room. I even missed the way he snores. It just wasn't the same... (Ha! And they think I'm gonna sleep in my crib tonight-- talk about changing my routine).

Luckily, my mom took pictures of me all day yesterday, so Dad could see what I did while he was gone. I thin it's pretty obvious from the expressions on my face that I was pretty bored without Dad around. I couldn't ride on his shoulders or listen to his silly voices when he reads to me. I stayed up late last night so I could see him when he got home and so I could check out the sweet onesie he got me from Cleveland. Then, Dad got up with me around 12:30, and this timed he gave me warm milk.

Here I am saying good-bye to Dad on Sunday evening.

I coped with my separation anxiety the only way I know how-- sucking on my pacifier. By the way, I hate when people call it a binky or a paci...My dad called it my nooky today, and that grossed me out, too. Any suggestions for a cool name? I like to call it my cifier. Anywho, aren't I cute?

Something else that's cute, I like to spit my cifier out and then wail until my mom or my dad puts it back in my mouth. Such a fun game. And the really fun part is that my mom insists that I am too young to be manipulative...ha ha ha.

See the cifier slipping from my mouth-- so fun-- it's like my ultimate fart joke.

Here I am on Monday morning. I am wearing a onesie that my mom and dad made me at their Madison baby shower. I wore 3 others during the night, but I peed on myself a few times during diaper changes. When you get up at 12:30, 2:30, 3:30, and 4:30, you do a lot of peeing, what can I say?

Here I am on Monday afternoon right before Mom took me to Target and Steve's Wine Mart. It was my first trip to a liquor store, and I have to tell you, I liked it a lot. The woman behind the counter said I was a peanut-- why does everyone keep saying that to me? I'm freaking huge, man. Somebody should tell my mom that SuperTarget is not the wonderland/amusement park/ fantasy getaway she seems to think it is. Sometimes, I think she's patronizing me. Nobody could be that excited about going to Target, could they?

Monday night... Still kicking it in my Boob Man shirt. By this point, I was really missing my dad, and I was getting sick of my mom's attempts to keep me occupied. I had to turn on the TV just so I could stay awake for Dad.

Check out the cool Cleveland onesie my dad got me from Hard Rock Cafe. Neat, huh? Someday soon, it will fit me.

I am so glad my dad is home! Tonight, we're beginning a new adventure because, as you can see, I am outgrowing my bassinet. But man do I love those hanging bears...I am sure my mom will let you know how it goes. Peace out.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Harry's Big Adventure

Today, Harry went downtown with his Grandma and Grandpa J and his Grandma M, and his mom and dad, of course. We all had a terrific time. Harry got a cute onesie at A Room of One's Own, and he got another cute onesie at a funny hippie organic baby store. Then, we all went to Ella's Deli and had sandwhiches and matzoh ball soup and the best ice cream ever. Harry had so much fun playing with all of his grandparents!

The rest of Harry's week was pretty routine-- although he did meet a new friend, Kathryn.

Here's Harry hanging out in some of his new BabyGap clothes-- cute, huh?

Here he is being semi-neglected during tummy time.

Here's Harry back from a walk-- nice hat, Harry.

Here's harry modeling an outfit from his Great-Bomma-- she also made the blanket he's playing on.

Harry loves riding on Dad-- better than the fair.

Harold hanging out naked wth his new best friend the pacifier.