Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Taking Stock

I saw this on The Day Book and thought I'd give it a whirl:

Making : SO MANY to-do lists before the semester ends and my online summer course begins
Cooking : More like baking.  I continue to be obsessed with chocolate chip and oatmeal choclate chip perfection, although a few batches of Pioneer Woman brown sugar oatmeal  help clear the palate.
Drinking : Bacardi and caffeine free diet coke with lime.  It is a testament to how much fun I had in college that I can only just now 15 years (14, really) later drink this drink again or even smell it.
Reading: All Joy and No Fun by Jennifer Senior.  I LOVE IT.
Wanting: To purge all of my clothes and replace every scrap with stuff from Anthropologie.  And I am doing it shirt by shirt, damn it.
Looking: Longingly at my countdown to Disney World phone app every morning
Playing: Itsy bitsy spider-- it cracks Dorothy up hard, which is of course completely charming.
Wasting: Tons of time trying to figure out how little I can pack and not have to do laundry on vacation.
Sewing: Tiny holes shut in just about every cotton t-shirt from Gap that I own.  Does this happen to you with Gap clothes too?  Do they randomly get these tiny holes that look like flecks but when you got to brush them off you notice that they are inexplicable holes? TOTALLY MADDENING.
Wishing: That Dorothy could stay a snugly baby just a little bit longer.
Enjoying: Dorothy's growing sense of humor.  She can tell you where her feet are, and feet are HILARIOUS.
Waiting: To hit the beach-- I am as bad as the kids with the vacation countdown.
Liking: Spotify- who knew?
Wondering: Why I never bought salted caramel Greek yogurt before this week.
Loving: In-home date nights with Ben.
Hoping: That Dorothy sleeps all night until 6:19 am like she did on Sunday night
Marveling: At how incredibly silky Cooper's fat cheeks are.  We played a game before bath last night where he was my pillow, and I forgot to be woken up by my pillow's alarm clock noises because I had my face smooshed against his and I couldn't believe how soft it was.
Needing: To drink MOAR water.  I have sausage fingers.
Smelling: Dorothy's sweet head every chance I get.  This morning it smells like Burt's Bee's shampoo, her own enchanting sleepy scent, and cream cheese.
Wearing: Gap pj bottoms, a lacey Old Navy tank top and an oversized Old Navy hoodie.  In other words, I look AMAZING.
Following: Radom artists on Spotify-- I love Vampire Weekend, BTW
Noticing: (Suddenly) that my random love of the herringbone side braid is not random at all because me and every damn undergrad are sporting them everyday with our Sperrys.  OOPS.
Knowing: That Ben and I have a pretty good thing going on right now even though there are a lot of balls in the air that all come crashing down when one of the kids is sick or someone takes on too many work projects.  Our kids are 1,2,6, and 7, and we are having FUN and have lives a little bit outside of math facts and diaper changes, KWIM?
Thinking: About how sweet Harrison is when I come home at the end of the day or wake up in the morning or pick him up at school-- basically anytime we have been apart for a few hours.  I hope he is always that happy to see me (but I know he won't be).
Feeling: Totally content.
Bookmarking: Size 12-18 month swim suits
Opening: every damn email coupon Gap sends me. Because swim suits.
Giggling: At Jack most of the time because living with a kindergartener is like living with a cartoon
Feeling: Okay, content, but also ready to eat pancakes the size of my face.

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  1. I really enjoyed this!!! And will probably steal the idea. :)