Tuesday, April 08, 2014


Cooper and Dorothy's beds are a study in contrasts. She has nothing but an old Carter's monkey lovey and a recently stolen Ugly Doll of Cooper's that he snatches back every time he can either climb in her crib or stick his fat hands through the bars. That's it. A sheet and those two small stuffed things. She still wears a Sleep Sack, and apparently bumpers aren't safe anymore.

Cooper though. SLEEPS WITH ALL OF THE THINGS. And 4 blankets. And 3 pillows.  I made his bed without any stuffed animals on Saturday, and when he cam in for nap, he laughed and laughed.  "No, no, Mama," he told me, hands on hips when he saw his toy box brimming with animals.  I told him to put the ones he wanted back on his bed.  So he did.  Just his favorites.
The rest are here:
Jack loves my shower cap.  All the kids do.  IT NEVER GETS OLD.
She loves loves loves playing dress up.

I think I am getting close to admitting that I am not going to lose a million pounds before vacation and may need to buy clothes to fit the body I have, not the body I want.  BLERGH.  I can totally drop 15 pounds in 49 days right?  A tapeworm maybe?  (You are lucky to only have to hear this virtually-- Ben gets it up close and personal EVERY DAY.  He is a lucky, lucky man).

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