Sunday, April 13, 2014


I love taking Harry shopping-- he has such a sense of style.  He knows exactly what he wants, and it is not what I would pick out for him probably, but sometimes it comes out looking even better than what I'd pick.

Mostly we shop at the Gap because it's the easiest place to find clothes for all 4 kids, and yesterday, Harry honed in on what he liked immediately-- shorts in various lengths and colors and a super cute anchor-print button down that looks preppier than the skateboarder vibe he was been going for lately.  We also snagged a round of matching shirts (in slightly different colors) for Passover/Easter weekend, and he is pretty OK with wearing what we picked.

Jack gravitates toward old man clothes and sure enough sported  anew pair of sweats at his party yesterday (with a T-shirt he snatched up as soon as he walked into the store even though he couldn't read what it said-- he just liked the look-- and flip-flops because he is half old man/ half college student stumbling to class).

OF COURSE I had to check the baby stuff in the back for Dorothy, and even though I found six dresses I think I need to buy between now and summer, I only got ONE.  And a matching sweater because I am only human.  Ben could not help but buy some ridiculous little shirts and a long sleeved tee for her, too, and I like it when he picks out her clothes.

The whole mad rush only took like 10 minutes start to finish (because Cooper was free ranging it, and that's about as long as we could be in the store because he started slamming his fingers in the dressing room door (JAck needed to try on his sweats because-- old man.), and we got cute stuff for all.  THE GAP FTW.

(Then I went to Payless to find gold or silver flats for Dorothy (FOUND THEM), and all the boys wanted super hero flip flops, and even when you are only buying $10 shoes, 4 kids get expensive real quick).

But the reason we all trooped through the mall in the first place is because Dorothy needed a couple more Easter weekend dresses.  I mean, she only had 1!
But we all know how Dorothy feels about bibs (DOES NOT LIKE), and she is a self-feeder, so I know she is going to WRECK herself at lunch on Saturday.  If we were eating at home, I would just take her clothes off while she eats, but plans have changed.  Long story short, she needed 2 more Easter/Passover weekend dresses-- one for after Saturday lunch when we go back to our house for drinks and one for Sunday when we are cooking an awesome brunch.

Here's look #2 (Gymboree is doing that awesome thing where everything in the store is $14.99 or less yesterday and today, so you might want to go to there):
And my favorite, look #3:
You can't tell in the picture, but the dress is sparkly
Just think!  Before I had this baby, my whole world was handful of matching collared shirts and maybe jeans without holes.  THIS IS SO MUCH FUN.  Until she develops her own style, and I don't get to pick things out.  Or until I start wearing her damn clothes-- probably not her exact clothes but clothes like the ones she and her friends are wearing.  I saw some of those mother-daughter shopping pairs at the mall, and I felt baaaaaad for the mothers.


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