Wednesday, July 31, 2013

100 Books: July Update

This month, I discovered the joy of putting books on hold at the library.  Until now, I have been renting new releases for $2 whenever I can snag a good one, checking out armloads of 14-day old new release books, ordering brand new books from Amazon, occasionally buying specific titles I am seeking at Barnes and Noble, or, since my birthday, downloading books on my iPad.  No more!  Instead, I have about 20 summer reads that Oprah thinks I'll like on hold, and as they trickle in, I am supplementing with Jodi Picoult because damn!  She has written a ton of books, and there are always some to choose from in the P's.

I read 10 books this month, and they were all really good.  It's hard to pick a least good, that's how great my July reading list turned out to be.  Plus!  July gave me the far and away best book of the year so far, and I was doubtful that anything could beat The Interestings.

10.  Lost in Suburbia by Tracy Beckerman:  I loved Erma Bombeck, and this woman is a syndicated humor columnist who is often compared to Bombeck, but really?  There's no comparison.  I laughed out loud a few times reading this book, but it was not as funny as I had hoped.

9.  Heaven Is Here by Stephanie Nielson:  The LDS mom blog craze is huge, and I admit I read The Nie Nie Dialogues.  This book was a quick, interesting, and genuinely touching read.

8.  Woke Up Lonely by Fiona Maazel:  I appreciated the way this book was crafted, and it was laugh out loud funny in a zany way, but I never really fell in love with the main characters, a spy and a cult leader.

7.  Good Kids by Benjamin Nugent:  This book was funny and pleasant and touching, a sweet coming-of-age story about infidelity and  struggling relationships.

6.  The Shelter Cycle by Peter Rock:  So weird!  So creepy!  Totally engrossing story of two people who were kids together in the same culty religion and meet up after they're grown.  The ending is especially weird and gripping.

5.  The Storyteller by Jodi Picoult:  Major Holocaust tear-jerker downer but really pretty good.  I don't think Jodi Picoult is as good of a writer as she seems to think she is, but her books are totally entertaining.

4.  Every Secret Thing by Laura Lippman:  I read this in 2 hours late one night-- a good mystery/thrillerish book-- you know I am a sucker for those.

3.  Rules of Civility by Amor Towles:  Great book!  New York in the late 30s-- lots of martinis and trips to 21, the Rainbow Room, the Stork Club.  And a touching story with fantastic writing.

2.  The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker:  Wow-- I read this early in the month, and I am still thinking about it.  The Earth slows its rotation with terrible consequences for humanity.  But this book is mainly a coming of age story and one of the most haunting ones I've ever read.  A must read for sure.

1.  Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple:  Such a fun and compelling read!  Hilarious!  Also, it is laid pout in a really fun and creative way-- please read this book-- you will not be sorry.

OH MY GOD!  EDITED TO ADD THAT I TOTALLY FORGOT that I read Orange is the New Black by Piper Kerman!  It was definitely #2 on the list, and if you like the show, read the book!

Edited again to say that I didn't forget I read it-- I forgot I read it this month

Monday, July 29, 2013

The crazy is BACK!

The other day at the grocery store, I got so angry at Ben about a bag of Goldfish crackers that I plucked the baby seat out of the car and started walking home by myself, answering the phone when Ben called me to inquire about my whereabouts to scream obscenities at him because he hadn't come to pick me up yet.  He didn't know where I was, and all I would tell him was that it was so obvious where I was, I wasn't going to say it out loud.  Meaning OF COURSE that I was walking home.  Last time I got so pissed off that I walked home from the grocery store, it was turkey and we were at Whole Foods, which is way farther away than the local store we found ourselves in on Sunday.  Since I have a history of stalking out of the store, I thought Ben would know I was on my way home and come pick me up.  But since I kept telling him it was obvious where I was, he assumed I was at Dunkin Donuts and waited in the parking lot for quite some time, fueling my rage.  If you haven't tried it, it is sort of liberating to walk down a busy street and shriek wildly into your cell phone at someone as cars zip by.

When I got back in the car, Jack said, "Did you have hormones when I was a baby too?"


But you know, the psychotic break at the grocery store, the nonstop exhaustion (the other day I didn't clean the house on house cleaning day but instead crawled under all my blankets fully dressed and took a 2 hour nap with the baby), the ever-present ache in my left shoulder, the weepiness at A Baby Story, the fact that I can't stop watching A Baby Story-- I didn't connect any of these things to the awful rush of postpartum hormones I always experience when the baby is around 4-5 months old until I noticed all the hair everywhere.  My hair!  It is falling out in clumps!  A sure sign that the good hormones are going away and the old cranky me is coming back.  I am so glad to know that I won't be this crazy forever.

I went straight to Whole Foods and got a dark chocolate/coconut candy bar and crammed the whole thing in my face calories be damned and then took another nap with Dorothy.  Nap time is a regular thing until I can calmly choose between cheese and whole grain Goldfish again.

Hey!  The other day! We went raspberry picking!  I have already Facebooked these pictures, but here they are anyway:

Now the healthy, low calorie raspberries have been turned into a delicious raspberry crisp. 

As long as I am feeling all crazy and hormonal, I thought it would be a perfect time to cut and color my hair-- bwhahahahahaha.  Look forward to that next week.

Also, I don't know if I am going to weigh myself this week because there is no way I can lay off the chocolate during P(erpetual)MS.  Ben can't wait for menopause-- it's going to be a hell of a ride.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In and the Zoo

I lost another pound!  On the one hand YAY!  On the other, holy shit.  1 pound a week?  This is going to take WEEKS AND WEEKS.  4.1 pounds down. 22.9 to go... (I shaved another 50 calories off my daily total-- maybe that will help?)

We went to the zoo today and met up with Amy and Ben's mom and sister-- SO! MUCH! ZOO! FUN!

The children did not sleep AT ALL on the way home, meaning Cooper was napless.  He screamed most of the way.  Dory joined him for the last 35 minutes.  SO RELAXING.

In other news this week:

The other day, Cooper styled his hair with Vaseline (he was trying to be just like Harry who uses putty on his hair-- OF COURSE HE DOES), and 3 washes in, he's finally starting to look okay.  He was so dirty today and so full of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies that we kept feeding him to keep him in the wagon.

Harry's effusion was gone on Monday, so the cardiologist took him off the 14 mL of Ibuprofen he was taking 3 times a day (that's a shit load of Ibuprofen), and she is checking him tomorrow to see if it's still gone.

Dory had her 4 month check up on Wednesday.  She has a big head and weighs 13 pounds 9.5 ounces, and she can transfer objects from hand-to-hand like a 6 month-old.  The pediatrician said he was glad I expressed my concern about Harry's relapse because he didn't think I was concerned at all when Harry was in the hospital. WTAF??

At the grocery store this week, Jack ate a bunch of shaved ice in the guacamole case, and he stuck his fingers in the freezer and ate bagel crumbs.  We expect him to come down with something any moment.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

American Girl Sale!

On Saturday, my mom and I went to the American Girl Benefit Sale, and it was awesome.

I have loved American Girl dolls since I was 12 and the first catalog came to my parents' house, and I was way, way, way too old to buy them for myself.  I always hoped I'd have a little girl to buy them for, AND NOW I DO.  And what do I like more than American Girl Dolls?  A giant sale!  Combine the two, and you have found my shopping nirvana.

Between the 2 of us, we bought 7 dolls and 3 books, and we only had to stand in line for like a half an hour and that was only because we got there early.  Actually, we arrived at the warehouse at precisely the right moment because just as we were getting in line for our 8:15 entry time (at about 7:35), a woman handed me 2 tickets for 8:00 that she had leftover.  I thanked her profusely and gave my 4 tickets (I also had 2 extra) to a group of ladies with a 9:15 slot-- they were thrilled, and I hope they passed their tickets on down.

In line, we talked to a hilarious pair from Marshfield who drove down at 3 am after scoring their tickets on Craigslist at the last second when some unfortunate doll-less soul was denied vacation time also at the last second.  Sara and Marla showed us lots of pictures of their kids and explained that they were former roommates turned lifelong besties who had their first kids (boys) within 6 months of each other and their second kids (girls, natch) within a month of each other.  Marla said she called Sara from a bathroom in Arizona where she was peeing on a stick on vacation, and Sara vowed to be pregnant within the month, and she was.  They shared a lot with us, including the fact that Marla ruined their symmetry by having a third kid (boy); Sara, a Marla-professed "career woman" considers the doctor she works for to be her third kid, and Marla is a SAHM who watches all their kids.  I LOVED THEM.

I was a little nervous when the clock struck 8:20, and the 8:00 line had still not gone into the warehouse-- apparently the 7:00, 7:15, 7:30, and 7:45 groups were taking their sweet time and were a fire hazard.  Dorothy was at home with Ben and my dad (and her brothers, of course) because no children under 3 were allowed in the sale, and I was worried that she'd be screaming for food while I was buying her dolls that she won't care about for YEARS.

At 8:25 we finally got to go inside, and we were women with a mission.  We scoured the list of available doll clothes because my niece wanted a specific outfit that was not there.  We checked for movies because she also wanted those, but they only had books.  So, we set our sights on dolls and had to strategize because of the per-person limits.  Immediately inside, I grabbed last year's girl of the year McKenna, and we were thrilled to find all of the historical dolls we wanted at the next table.  My mom sifted through the available Rebeccas to find one with well-kept hair and bright eyes.  I was torn between Kit, who matches Dorothy's room the best (shut UP) and Caroline, who is lovely.  Only one historical doll per person, though, so I got Kit whose short bob looked easier to maintain. (No Molly who is retiring this year-- she would have been my first choice.  Also, no already-retired Felicitys who were available in limited quantities, but must have been snatched up by the first wave of shoppers.  Maybe I can get a Molly that way next year...)

Next, we headed to the Bitty Babies.  Finding one for Dorothy was a cinch because she looks a lot like the red haired blue-eyed Bitty.  (I do regret not grabbing all the $5 Bitty Baby clothes, but I think I'll live).  Only one Bitty Baby or Bitty Twin per person, and while it seemed kind of terrible to break up the family, my mom got the blond boy Bitty Twin for Cooper's birthday-- he is going to love pushing that doll around in a stroller!

Finally, we confronted the massive line of My American Girl dolls-- limit of 6 per person, but we each got 1.  I got a cute little brown haired blue eyed girl, and my mom got a brown-eyed girl with wild curly hair.  As I was standing in the checkout line, I wanted to jump the rope and get 5 more My AG dolls because I was suddenly overcome with shopping psychosis, but I didn't.  THERE'S ALWAYS NEXT YEAR.

I think we are going to give her the Bitty Baby for Hanukkah, and Santa will bring her Saige, the 2013 Girl of the Year (that's a lovely tradition Santa is planning to start) who was sadly not at the sale.  My mom is planing to give her Rebecca and Curly, too.  But I think I will stash the rest in the basement (And next year's haul and the next, and you get the idea, I am the crazy hoarding cat lady only no cats!  Just dolls!  Dolls!  Dolls!) and in a few years when she is into AG dolls, she is going to have 8 freaking awesome nights of Hanukkah!

We were in and out in about 15 minutes and home before Dorothy freaked out or Ben and Jack had to leave for tee ball, and we were high on our shopping success-- I love shopping victories.  My mom joked that we should have strapped the doll boxes to the car like hunters-- that's totally how we felt returning home.

The 3rd Saturday in July-- mark your calendars-- who's coming with us next year?

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Cardiology Follow-Up and Weekly Weigh-In

We saw Harry's pediatric cardiologist today.  Effusion still there.  About the same.  We see her twice next week.  Lots of echos in our future.  Blergh.

I lost 1.1 pounds this week for a grand total of 3.3 pounds.  Also blergh.

Dory modeling her new halter dress:
 It is hot and humid and generally yucky here.

We left swim lessons early on Tuesday because I couldn't tell if Dory was asleep on purpose it was so hot.  We came home to make cookies on the dashboard of the minivan (because it is disgusting and smells like vomit in my car, so why not bake in it?  YUM)

 They took so long to cook that Dory outgrew the infant Ergo insert in the meantime (which? SOB)

 Sprinklers are way less fun and refreshing if you are Ergoing a baby in the dry part of the yard.

 Cooper likes carrot cake so much he eats it with a cake server.  BETTER HIM THAN ME.
 Today was a juggle.  Ben and I both had meetings, and Harry had to go to the doctor.  I took Dory and Harry to the cardiologist and to Subway so H and I could have a picnic in my office.  Then Ben picked up H and D and drove around with all 4 during my meeting.  I met him outside my building and took everyone home so he could go to his meting.  Phew!
 This might be the most adorable picture I have ever taken.
It's a thousand degrees outside (95), so we are going to hunker down in the basement.

I am not going to lie Ben and I are way more freaked out this time around than we were when Harry was in the PICU.  This whole thing was a lot easier to deal with when we thought it would be a one-time occurrence, you know?

Oh!  Ben gave Harry the game ball after baseball on Wednesday (every game, he gives out game balls to the kids who played the best, and Harry has been dying to earn one).  Harry wrote "Harrison" in cursive and then the date ("Juiye 17") on the ball and insisted that Ben put it in a case downstairs with all his other autographs.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Cardiology follow-up; Dory is 4 months old

We followed up with Harry's cardiologist today.  The effusion is the same, maybe a little better, definitely not worse.  So.  That's probably the best news we could have gotten.  She still doesn't know WTF is going on, but she reminded me that we have already ruled out all of the worst case scenarios when he was in the hospital.  In fact, his most recent panel of bloodwork is completely normal, including markers for inflammation.  She said that some kids have recurring pericardial effusions and no one knows why, which is bizarre and unsatisfying.

She upped his Ibuprofen (he was discharged from the ER with the wrong dose) and sent him to the pediatrician for a TB test-- that's the only test he didn't have in the hospital because it is a ridiculous PITA to do an inpatient TB test-- something about negative pressure isolation.

Our HMO is wonderful and never feels HMO-y, but today it sort of did 3 different times (this whole town is not-for-profit HMOS, by the way-- a couple of private practice chiropractors and dentists, but everything else is in 3 competing HMOs).  When we got to the children's hospital, the person checking us in said that our cardiology referral was closed-- no big deal, she just had to call our insurance company's member services department and have somebody on their end check a box or something, but we stood around in a cubicle for an extra 5 minutes while Dory loud crapped herself.  Next, Harry's cardiologist came back into the exam room to do a PPD skin test for TB and said that our insurance company wouldn't let her-- we had to have the test done at our own clinic.  She helpfully made us an appointment for 8:30 tomorrow morning, meaning I would have to take all 4 kids to the doctor's office alone which is always a total party.  Thankfully, our pediatrician's awesome nurse saw the order come in and called me while I was checking out of the cardiologist's office and told me to swing by on my way home and she'd do it really quick whenever we got there.  I LOVE HER.  Finally, I was at the Walgreen's drive thru to get a giant bottle of Ibuprofen (because the kid takes 14 mL 3 times a day and it's way easier to fill the syringe out of a big old prescription bottle than a dinky children's bottle), and the pharmacist told me that because we just got a bottle the other day, the insurance won't pay for it again until the 17th-- SO ANNOYING-- so I could either pay $35 or buy a dinky children's bottle, which entailed taking everyone out of the damn car.

But I am happy to be bitching about all of these things because that means Harry is pretty much OK and I can sweat the small stuff again.

In other distractions, our little Dory is 4 months old today!

In honor of her birthday, she outgrew all of her clothes pretty much overnight and is solidly a 6-month size.  I have been trying to buy her new pajamas for like 3 days, and today, Jack and I finally made it happen (I also had to buy a new Keurig, which is also totally annoying).  Jack, by the way, has been acting TERRIBLE since Saturday night, so I figured a one-on-one trip to the mall (Dory went too, but she slept in her stroller), a slice of cookie cake, and a shark t-shirt from Gymboree might help (holy shit-- the watermelon girls clothes!  they are adorable!  I exercised restraint and only bought a clearance sundress and a giant floppy hat, but I will be back for them, especially the sweater and the shoes-- oh my god the shoes).  It did, and we scored some adorable Gap jammies and a few from Carter's, so now she can sleep cuter. (And I was gone from 12-1:30 with Jack and from 2-7 with Harry stopping home from 1:30-2 to feed and change the baby and grab 4 dried apricots and light string cheese.  By the time H and I made it to Chipotle at 6:15, I was so wilted.  I perked up like a houseplant, though, as soon as I had my salad and water.  I ate my salad so fast I didn't even notice how spicy it was until it was gone.  Then I had to run immediately to Orange Leaf for medicinal purposes.  Harry didn't mind).

Although how could she sleep any cuter than this?
 4 moths old?  Seriously, this time has flown by.  She is such a precious, perfect, lively little baby.  I wish you could hear her singing and see her roll over, grab her toes, and play with her toys like she's a little cat.
 She looks neckless in this picture, but she is starting to grow into all that stretchy neck skin and no longer has lots of fuzzballs and puke in there.
 I don;t set out to make her cry on purpose,
 BUT IT'S SO CUTE to watch her expressions of displeasure.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Brothers' Day and the ER, Again

Around 4:30 last night just as I was putting the finishing touches on these cookies, * Harry said that his chest hurt.  It had been hurting for a couple of days, actually, he told us, and he claimed to be having trouble catching his breath.  Ben and I were like, um, okay, why don't you go downstairs and watch a show before dinner, and then when the kids were safely out of ear shot we, OF COURSE, freaked the fuck out.

We called the after-hours pediatric cardiology number we have been keeping on our fridge and hoping to never have to call, and we were happy to hear that Harry's cardiologist was on-call this weekend.  She called us back at 4:45 and said we needed to come to the ER for an echo and a strep test but that we could feed Harry dinner first.

Harry barely ate his scrambled eggs and toast and even the cookies didn't interest him.  He was so worried about blood tests, IVs, and the the possibility of hospital admission.

Ben took him to the hospital where his EKG was totally normal, and his heart sounded fine.  The attending ER doc was ready to let them go home, but Ben insisted on an echo.  The doctor was doubtful, saying Harry didn't need it.  Instead of calling the pedi echo tech we usually see, he dragged in an older machine and took a quick look himself.

He saw the effusion right away, put away his machine and called the pedi echo guy, and Harry's cardiologist was there within the hour.  In the mean time, Harry got an IV, had a ton of blood drawn, was told no more food or drink in case he needed to be catheterized (IN THE HEART) and was labeled a probable admit.

Ben and I freaked the fuck out via text as I put everyone else to bed and cleaned the hell out of the bathrooms for stress relief.

Harry's cardiologist put him back on heavy doses of Ibuprofen 3 times a day and sent him home for now-- there is not enough fluid to drain, and she hopes the anti-inflammatory meds do the trick.  We see her in the office for another echo tomorrow.  She says that this time we will have to do more tests to try to figure out why Harry keeps getting pericarditis.  Last time, rheumatology ruled out some scary shit, but here's more scary shit, I guess.  H has also been cultured and tested for all sorts of bacteria and viruses.  So maybe more of that?   We are pretty freaked out still, but he feels ok (a little chest pain, a little shortness of breath, an odd pain in his neck).  Maybe we will know more after his appointment tomorrow.

In the mean time, the brothers went to an air show at a tiny airport today for Brothers' Day, and I made carrot cake for dessert tonight (a little crooked and droopy but likely delicious).
* Cookies have a weird texture, but without nuts, they are only 215 calories for 2, and they taste fucking awesome with 1/4 cup ice cream between them for a 300-calorie ice cream sandwich.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer stuff

At the beginning of the summer, Harry and Jack made a bucket list.  Most of the stuff on the list is adorable and doable with no effort: catch fireflies (CHECK--kind of a firefly massacre, but still, CHECK), jump in puddles (CHECK), have play dates with their besties (CHECK), climb the giant mound of dirt in the field behind us, the field that will soon be houses and roads (not yet, but we totally could anytime they ask).  Some of the items on the list, though, require effort on our part.  They have 3 zoos they want to visit (one down, two to go), a trip to see Abe Lincoln stuff in Springfield (and we can go to my parents' house-- another list item-- and hit up their zoo-- MULTI-TASKING), a visit to Legoland (which is great because sometime in the next 2 months, we need to get Dory another high chair because Cooper will be in his for awhile, so I need to go to IKEA which is right by Legoland-- such an efficient little bucket list).

Also on the list?  See every shitty kid movie ever made. Or that's what it feels like anyway.  We all saw Monsters University, which was adorable.  But from here on out, Ben and I are taking turns because holy shit these movies are not worth the price of a babysitter too.  Last night, I was up, and the three of us saw Despicable Me 2 which was the best of the remaining list.  Now we're staring down Turbo, Planes, and Smurfs 2.  Blergh.  (I did eat a giant box of Milk Duds and still stay well within my calories for the day, so there's that).

The minions loved it, BTW.  It took us awhile to exit the theater because Jack couldn't find his shoes (WTH was he doing without shoes in the first place?  WHO KNOWS)
Okay, seriously.  Apropos of nothing, let's talk nicknames.

Part of the way Ben got me to abandon my list of girl names (Violet!  Georgia!  Penelope! Clementine! Cecily!  Cecelia! Sally!  Betty!) was to woo me with the promise of Dottie, Dottie Lou, Dot, or Dolly, all of which I liked better than Dorothy.

We even had Dottie on her birth announcement.

But Dot, Dottie Lou, and Dottie never worked for us once she was born-- they were kind of cringe-worthy for me, actually.

I really love Dolly and think I could commit to that, but Ben is a total bait and switcher and has decided he doesn't like it at all, and when I call her Dolly, he calls her Dort, which is awful.  This makes me see red with rage because part of the reason I chose Dorothy (or agreed to it, anyway) was because of the cute nicknames which are now apparently OFF THE TABLE.

Jack started calling her Dory like the fish in the Nemo movie (and soon to be the star of Finding Dory which I am sure I will have to doze my way through for $75 soon enough), and you know what?  I think I love it.  And if not, there's always Dorth Vader, which would be a fantastic Halloween costume.

Dory, who can now roll both back to front and front to back:
Dolly, who is sweet and adorable like a little doll.  Get it?  DOLLY?  Like a doll?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Weekly Weigh-In: -1.7 pounds!

Add this week's 1.7-pound weight loss to last week's and I have lost 2.2 pounds!  Woo-hoo!  A little slower than I'd like to see it come off given my fondness for immediate Ooompa Loompa delivery, but still! The numbers are inching in the right direction, and I am getting used to eating less and exercising more.

The exercise thing is what surprises me the most.  I have aimed for 5 days a week for years now, and I usually do 30-ish minutes (never less but not usually much more).  Now, though, I have a calorie goal in mind, and I am working out 7 days a week for 40 minutes minimum.  Frequently, I do 40 minutes in the morning and another half hour at the end of the day.  Or we take the kids for a walk in the morning (I wear Dorothy and if I am by myself, I push Jack and Cooper in the double; if Ben is with me, he does the pushing) for at least an hour.  It's fantastic!  And it lets me drink beers after the kids go to bed!

Last night, Ben and I ate dinner after the kiddos were asleep (I was a total bitchface for about 90 minutes when I thought I might STARVE TO DEATH), but it was worth the wait.  We filled a 8X8 cake pan with unsalted Donkey Chips and covered them with 1/2 cup of reduced fat cheese, cnhopped tomatoes, green onions, bell peppers, and jalapenos. Then we baked them for a little while at 350 and ate them with carefully measured sour cream and a shit load of salsa.  I ate 2 1/2 servings of chips and still consumed less than 500 calories.

I have also been really into Ghirardelli dark chocolate squares-- only 70--calories each and really satisfying.

But mostly, lots of chicken, fish, and spinach here.  And a new attention to vegetables which I used to just steam and forget about, but OMG.  Brussels sprouts are so fantastic tossed in olive oil, lemon, juice, and sea salt and roasted.  So is broccoli.

You get the idea.  Healthy eating and exercise= weight loss.

Park interlude
 Really it's hard NOT to eat her
 Her little pouty sleep face
 Love this outfit-- looks like something a grown up would wear
I took everyone by myself to the Children's Museum, and it was unremarkably pleasant

 July 10th is Teddy Bear Picnic day, FYI, so mark your calendars for next year.  I mentioned it off-hand at dinner on the 9th, and Ben mocked me. The kids, though, were ready on the 10th, stuffed animals in hand at breakfast time.  I thought I got off cheap because I made oatmeal (bears eat porridge, DUH) and bear toast (shut up) and downloaded Rosemary Clooney singing Teddy Bear Picnic.  But then Cooper barreled through the screen door, so there's that.

 She's so adorbs.
 The Art Cart which is a roving art van sponsored by our contemporary art museum that goes to parks all summer long was at the one across the street yesterday.  Awesome!  I love it when educational activities fling themselves onto my doorstep.

 She kills me in a real stroller-- so big already!
 This is what she and I do 90% of the time.  The kids run amok while I am in the shade with the baby, though, charging a million dollars worth of candy and bacon (wth?) to our account and generally acting insane.
 She's so cute naked, who needs clothes?
 Cooper always wants to keep Dorothy company in her gym. Cute, but dangerous.