Friday, April 11, 2014

Tiny monster; cookies

In the bathtub the other night, Dorothy hit Cooper upside the head with her omnipresent sippy cup so hard he probably saw stars.  Shocked, he opened his mouth to cry, and she put her index finger next to her nose, looked him right in the eye, and hissed, "Shhhhhh."  Sweet baby sociopath.

I made the cookies Jack requested for his school birthday treats (he has to take them today because next week is SPRIIIIIING BREAAAAAK!!):  Princess tiaras with jewels and his friends' names written in pink icing.  A couple of months ago when he had this great idea, I bought a large tiara cookie cutter, AND I LOST IT of course in the interim.  Luckily, I had a tiny one, but damn did that require some frosting writing skills.  WHICH I HAVE.

I only had to write Kingston and Damarion like 3 times each before they fit.  BUT I GOT TRISTANO ON THE FIRST TRY.
 And then I made bunnies, ducks, and butterflies with the leftover dough because seriously, is there any season that CAN'T be celebrated in sugar cookie?
 No idea if it's good, but clearly I had to buy it.


  1. Tiny sociopaths are so cute (which makes it even scarier)! My guess is that she'll need those skills with three brothers. I love Jack's cookies, but holy buckets those are some names. Nice frosting skilz!

  2. Cookies are so pretty and sweet!