Friday, February 23, 2024

5 on A Friday: Morning Face Routine (8/52)

 Hi! I realized the other day that I am loving my current morning face routine, so I thought I’d memorialize it here.

1. WASH MY FACE: I do not use a lot of water here, guys, so I cannot relate to the face washing angst and the big wrist towel things I see on IG. I start by pumping a pump of this cleanser into damp hands, working it into a lather, and gently coating my face. Then I get a wash cloth wet and wring it out. I use the wet cloth to gently wipe the soap away. We are talking DAMPNESS here, not wetness and splashing, etc. (I use this same stuff to wash my face at night in the shower, and I do not need an additional makeup remover).

$10, and I have an Amazon subscribe and save for this— I keep a bottle in my bathroom closet, a bottle in the shower, and a bottle in the boys’ shower because it’s great for all faces. 

2. Hyaluronic acid serum: I use Lancôme’s brand of this, but you can get this kind of anti-aging serum across brands and price points. I got hooked on this one in a holiday gift box and haven’t looked back— just a teeny bit makes my whole face feel smooth. I apply right away to a damp face.

3. Azelaic acid: Also a redness fighter, and I use this mostly around my nose and mouth if I have some rosacea going on.

4. Primer: LOVE THIS ONE even though the scent makes me think I should never ever look it up on the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database.  I could put this over OR under my moisturizer, but I like to use it first **shrug** I don’t wear foundation or anything like that, so I am only priming my face for more moisture. Sometimes. I do lotion first and then mix this stuff with my favorite Tarte BB cream as a final layer. It is perhaps thicker than I like a moisturizer to be, so I like to use a thin layer under moisturizer or mix with the Tarte stuff. I never like to feel like anything is sitting on top of my skin.

Also— I took pics of all of these things yesterday while I was getting dressed, but only 3 ended up in my photo library (???) or my camera roll (???) and Ben is sleeping in our room right now, so it would be SO RUDE to recreate the moment.

5. Moisturizer. I do not LOVE love this one, but the price is good, and there is nothing bad about it. My skin looks good. It sinks right in, and it has SPF. What else do I need?
This whole routine, from wash to the final swipe of lotion, takes less than 2 minutes. In just under 4 minutes, I can brush my teeth and wash my face— so there’s no excuse for me to be under groomed at school drop off. I definitely have 4 minutes. 5 if I floss!

BONUS: I use an eye cream and The Ordinary caffeine solution on my eyes morning and night. In the AM I use this Lancôme eye cream, but I also have a subscribe and save order for this Neutrogena one for nighttime. 

Wednesday, February 21, 2024

midweek blather

 When you make a new recipe, do you have to spend time prepping it and just like READING it over first? I just TOOK NOTES on tonight's dinner in my notebook like I am going to have to take a quiz. which I guess I am-- and that quiz is dinner.

To be fair, we will be coming in hot from dropping off Coop and Dorothy and a loooong traffic-y drive home with a small-ish amount of time to actually have dinner before the pickups, so I wanted to think about what can be done ahead in my tiny sliver of afternoon time (when I will also probably be dealing with laundry) and if I need to have a plate of snack ready for Minnie to eat (YES), etc.

BUT STILL. Actual notes. And it's an EASY RECIPE.

Got a mammogram!

Forgot how aggressive they are when choosing my tunic
This hilariously branded WI coffee is pretty great.
Ben was trying to convince her that you don't read every page of every book every time LOL for days. She did not buy it.
Sporty spice. 
Anyone else fall victim to social media ads for Tieks and find out they are actually pretty meh shoes but then wear them anyway because you already freaking spent the money? Grumble grumble.
She loves being back on the BIG RED MAT.

Monday, February 19, 2024

Dance the day away

 I am the worst dance mom because I only got pictures of Dorothy in 3/6 costumes. I will do better next month.

I am the team dance mom for the tap dance (sparkly red above), and I really thought I had my shit together. I sent a perky message on the team app with my cell number and a link to a packing checklist and our team style guide. I bought a bunch of snacks and drinks for the kids in case they needed a pick-me-up because Dorothy gets cranky, and I made sure I was backstage at the appropriate time to gather them together and check costumes real fast.  That's when everyone found out that I'm the worst. A darling little tapper asked me for body glue to help her gloves stay up, and I just blinked blankly at her. "You're the dance mom," she said in a super disappointed tone. I WAS DISAPPOINTED TOO. I have ordered body glue, so next month I AM ALL GOOD, but probably no one will trust me by then. ALSO all of the other dance moms got group pics before the dance. I DID NOT. I AM TERRIBLE AT THIS JOB, but I swear I am going to do better. LOL but also **crying face**

Her dance bag, though, was **chef's kiss**. I am soooo glad we bought one.

Minnie loved EVERYTHING, especially when Dorothy and a dance friend practiced makeup on her the day before the big day

She also loves shopping for makeup

And Dorothy, tween that she is, is suddenly into skin care. I HAVE BEEN WAITING SO LONG FOR THIS

But seriously, the best pic I took at dance--besides Minnie dancing-- was this souvenir strip of eyelashes that somehow found its way onto my jeans


Friday, February 16, 2024

5 on a Friday: Things I’m Looking Forward to This Weekend (7/52)

 1. Finishing THIS BOOK. It is really excellent, and if I had a big chunk of time, I could just finish it.

2. Watching Dorothy’s dance team dress rehearsal in advance of 2 months of competitions. I have only seen 1/6 of her dances, and I have only glimpsed little pieces of the rest of them through the studio windows here or there. Plus she has a fun new dance bag to organize and play with.

She did a dry run while Minnie played with the bag’s dust cover and then eventually borrowed a jazz costume.

3. Harry getting a negative COVID test and me fumigating his room. CANNOT WAIT FOR THAT ONE!!!

4. Making tiny pizzas on tiny naan. I meant to get small naan from Costco so we could make individual pizzas, but they were out, and my shopper subbed teeny naan, so now it’s a happy hour dinner on Saturday, and I can’t wait.

5. Eating our way through this junk infusion. Think we have enough snacks for the next 3 days? (Also, except for the salad and chicken, none of this is meal food or “counts” towards our weekly groceries (well, I did snag eggs and milk)—- JUST ETXRAS. FEEDING 5 KIDS IS INTENSE.)

Also! I imagine much of the weekend will look like this:

After a week of a whole lotta this:

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Minnie is 3.5!

 Yesterday, our little living care bear turned THREE AND A HALF! 

Also I asked her teacher what the eff is up with 3 year-olds, anyway and ordered THIS BOOK on her rec. Will report back. (I love the title from the days when it was ok to say your kid is a jerk LOL. THIS BOOK IS MY AGE.)

We celebrated with a half cake and a half song, and she made the cake herself.

I had a massage for the first time in forever because I really hurt myself shoveling snow last month, and my general stress level has been A LOT for my body. I feel SO MUCH BETTER, and it wasn’t even a super great massage. He never really used enough pressure, and I fell asleep before I could ask for more LOL.

HARRY HAS COVID, so that’s terrible. He has already started Paxlovid and seems to feel OK. The rest of us are giving him a wide berth, and he is pretty much keeping to himself in his bedroom/bathroom and accepting meals and meds delivered on trays. Luckily for the rest of us, he has not been home a ton lately (sorry to everyone he has been hanging out with), so we are cautiously optimistic that we’ll keep feeling OK. We are all staying upstairs and masking downstairs if we need to be down there for super important reasons like FORTNITE. Jack is sleeping on the couch in the family room (no mask, obvi), and Coop is staying in their room because last time Harry got the VID, he and Jack were roomies and Jack got it, too, so we thought it was probably smart to split up the pair.

Dorothy ad I went shopping for Valentines on the way to drop her off at bonus dance team rehearsals on Sunday, and the Target Vday aisle was RANSACKED! I thought we were going to have to  make paper heart tags at home and give baggies of Easter candy, but then we found 21 of these!! SO PERFECT

Tiny boxes of chocolates that she could just write to and from on- total win and I might buy these for Minnie’s entire VDay career in elementary school.

I made Minnie a heart lunch, but Dorothy and Coop just got their normal stuff because they’re too cool and also Ben packed bonus lunches on Monday because he is the best.

Our VDay date is postponed because our sitter has the VID, so Ben and I had fancy candy and champagne last night while I made homemade pop tarts (heart shaped, natch) for this morning’s breakfast. Tonight we have eleventy billion places to drop off a pick up like normal, but the whole (negative) fam is doing heart-shaped Papa Murphy’s pizza and a heart cookie cake from a local place hashtag ROMANCE.

Minnie made a triumphant return to the big red mat because she is over swim lessons (she is also over posing for pics)

Harry submitted his midterm grades to UW, hoping to be accepted with the regular decision applicants, and he wanted someone to check it over before he pushed submit, so I masked up. SO RETRO.

Send us all the negative thoughts and have a lovely day of love, friends.

Monday, February 12, 2024

Weekly intentions

 Goals is too strong a word here.

This week, I want to: 

1. Work in my office. So quiet! So neat! So chore-free. 

2. Lean into my late Mondays and be extra productive until 7:30 when dive practice is done.

3. Work at a coffee shop at least once this week. Elisabeth mentioned this the other day, and I realized coffee shop working has been absent from my year so far, too!!

4. Have a pre-Vday date with Ben and make a cute heart-shaped grab-and-go dinner for the kids’ busy Wednesday nights.

5.Finish the course shell for the extra online course I have starting in March.

6. Walk more miles than I walked last week

7. Read my 2 library books and return them!!

That’s a lot for just one week, but I feel like looking at this list will keep me focused. OR it will make me feel bad for dropping so many balls. **shrug**

Check out the mom orangutan at our zoo trying to take a nap sitting up under a fitted sheet while her toddler swung upside down right above her head. RELATABLE CONTENT. (Also I want to invite that toddler over for a play date).

Friday, February 09, 2024

5 on a Friday: My dead dryer in 5 pics (6/52)

 On Wednesday, my dryer performed its very best. I changed all 3 boys’ beds and washed everything. We did 10 loads, according to the washer app. And even the towels got dry in under an hour. DRYER NIRVANA.

On Thursday, I threw a load of towels in the dryer at 5:15 when I got up. AND NOTHING HAPPENED. It made a few sad clicking noises The light turned on inside, but no one appeared to be home inside the dryer’s little electric mind. We just had this dryer (bought during the panny) serviced to the tune of $200 in the last couple of months, and we really didn’t want to pay for a house call and parts again— especially since it was a basic model being asked to do 2-3 times more laundry per day than the average dryer.

Soooooo, between meetings, I ran to Menards and snagged a new one

Not fancy, but she will get the job done. Only after Harry and I hauled it inside did we find LEGS for it inside the darn thing. Harry (home on study hall) called his grandpa in Florida to ask if he had to put the legs on— turns out, he did. He was… not thrilled, but it was easy once he found the right wrench. I mean, it was easy for me anyway. I went about my work asking occasionally if everything was OK.


He even used the old dryer cord, thus saving me $18.
Seriously though,. I complain about this kid and how unbelievably messy he is, but he is SUCH a great guy. A good student! A wonderful big brother and babysitter! A lifeguard! A swim lesson instructor! A volunteer political canvasser! AND HE’S HANDY! You are soooo welcome, future child-in-law.