Monday, May 30, 2016

If I was a good mom, I would be watching baseball, but I'm not, so I'm blogging on my phone

Beatrix got a BATH!! Here she is showing off her amazing underbite. 
Jack had an insect project at school that was adorable. 

Harry took his swim shirt off unbeknownst to me and he now has a blistering sunburn on his shoulders. Omg. It's terrible! That doesn't even HAPPEN to people in this day and age. And of course we feel terrible about it-- so neglectful. 

Saturday night we had a party, and I was super Becky Home Ec-y with my Pioneer Woman vodka lemonade and mason jars and apron. 

And there was so much food. 
And maybe a little booze. 
Super fun
Nobody tell Cooper that Ben was using his paci, okay? I don't know how Ben came to be using it in the first place. I think he confiscated it from Cooper mid party. 

I bounced out of bed and took Dorothy for the breakfast of champions the next morning. 

Then we hunkered down to watch Ghostbusters, which the kids had never seen before. 
This morning, Jack helped me make banana muffins with gusto. 
Then I did a quick drive by of a Memorial Day party with my tiny sidekick and left early to take Harry to baseball. Full. Circle. 

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