Friday, June 30, 2006

We Have a Routine! Sort of...

Wow! We are finally figuring out what the heck we should be doing with the baby. Between our Snuggli and our Infantino sling, we wear the baby pretty much all day. He seems to like this quite a bit, although I did drop a spoonful of blueberry yogurt on him this morning while wearing him at breakfast. We have also realized that we don't need sleep anymore-- cool, huh? Last night, we only slept about 3 hours, but we're feeling okay. Harry has also gotten out of the apartment this week. On Monday and Tuesday, he went for walks with both of us. Wednesday, he went to the doctor for a 2 week check up, and we found out that he weighs 6 pounds, 12 ounces! Yesterday, he went to Barnes and Noble because he's already heard all of his books, and we took a walk through the park. Because he's always in the sling or Snuggli, I am not sure he knows that he's gone anywhere, but he might notice that I've changed my shirt. Harry has an exciting weekend ahead of him-- his grandma and grandpa J are coming to visit tomorrow, so we'll post more pictures after that.
H.B. relaxing after a meal... he'll be ready to eat again in 45 minutes!

A rare shot of Harry sleeping in his crib-- usually he is a people sleeper.

This is his preferred napping location.

This is where he sleeps at night.

Harry enjoying one of his new books.

These next few pictures might shock you because they are not of all of us sitting on our couches... yes, we are going a little stir crazy because we rarely leave these 1000 square feet we call home... soon, Harry will be even more mobile, though, and we can get out more. Wearing him is a step in the right direction.
Anyway, here's Harry and me in his room getting ready to go to the doctor.

An awkward family photo

Ben and H.B. at the park-- not just in another room but OUT OF THE APARTMENT!!!! AUGHHH!!!

Finally, a few shots of Harry doing what he does best-- napping!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Here's the thing. We were going for a post-dinnner walk, and Sarah is scared of the sun. Ben is scared of West Nile virus. The result? Harry dressed like this!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Harrison's Visitors

Harry has had lots of visitors since he was born. He loves to have people come visit him because he can't go too many places since he doesn't have his shots. But he is so thankful to everyone who has come to visit. Harry's uncle Jon stayed for a few days after he was born. Harry's grandma and grandpa Karen and Dennis came to visit on June 17th & 18th, and Harry's Aunt Jenny and Uncle Maurice visited on the 18th too. Then after Harry's dad went back to work Harry's grandma Lynne came to visit and see Harrison for a few days. Harry's new friend Maegan also stopped by during the week to meet him. Yesterday, Harry's uncle Ben got to meet Harry for the first time (then he promptly left to buy fishing gear) and Harry's grandpa Gary stopped to toast Harry. Today Harry has just been relaxing from all of the excitement from the last few days. He can't wait to meet even more people and see his family again soon.

Harry, Mom and Dad Harry & uncle Jon
Jon & Harry
Grandma Karen & Harrison
Grandpa Dennis & Harrison
Harrison & his grandparents
Harry with his Aunt Jen and Uncle Maurice

Harry with Grandma Lynne

H.B getting ready to go for a walk with Mom, Dad, and Grandma

Somebody needs a burp...

Here's Harry with his new friend Maegan

Sarah and H.B. working on the blog while they wait for Grandpa Gary and Uncle Ben to show up. Ben and Gary made a 3 and a half hour drive in just under 6 hours...

Still waiting...H.B is hanging out

Harry with Grandpa Gary

Harry with his uncle Ben

Harry with his Mom and Grandma

Harrison saying good-bye to all his visitors

H.B. and his dad sleeping

Harry's First 2 Weeks-- Lots of Diapers and Laundry: A Photo Essay

Friday, June 23, 2006

This Just In: Baby Harry Is Here!

This is one of Harry's first pictures. He was about 15 minutes old. Harrison Benjamin was born on Wednesday, June 14th at 8:40 am. He weighed in at 6 pounds, 4 ounces, and he was 18 inches long.

Here's Harry with Grandma Lynne.

Here's Harry with Grandma Karen.

Here is he is with Grandpa Gary and Uncle Jon,

and here he is with Grandpa Dennis.

As you can see, Harry's extended family made it in plenty of time for his birth, but his dad was almost not so lucky. Ben was in Minneapolis on business Monday through Wednesday. Because Sarah was 37 weeks pregnant, Uncle Jon came to Madison to hang out just in case Sarah went into labor. Monday and Tuesday, Jon and Sarah sat around the apartment, went shopping on State Street, ate tons of Monster Cookie Blizzards, laid out by the pool, and played Sim City 4 simultaneously on their laptops. Sarah was starting to feel silly, like she really didn't need a babysitter, when suddenly, at 8:27 pm on Tuesday evening, her water broke while she sat calmly watching "Last Comic Standing." Jon was a little creeped out, as you might imagine, but he quickly jumped online, asked her if it smelled like bleach, and told her they should go to the hospital, so a doctor could examine the fluid for signs of ferning. Sarah took his word for it, and off they went... Ben called, and Sarah told him that she thought maybe her water might have just possibly broken. It wasn't as dramatic as it is on TV, so she really wasn't sure. After a couple of hours at labor and delivery, Sarah found out that she was, indeed, in labor, and labor really hurts-- that's no joke. She called Ben, and he jumped in the car and arrived about ten minutes after Sarah got an epidural (the best intervention ever). All of the grandparents followed him, and Uncle Jon was off the hook. Phew! Jon stayed around until Sarah, Ben, and Harry left the hospital, and he decorated the apartment with tons of signs and baby stuff. It was the sweetest thing and made coming home a joyous experience. Thank goodness for Jon! He's the closest thing Harry has to a godfather.

Harry with Uncle Jon moments after coming home.

See the cute decorations in the background? This is the first picture of Sarah standing up with the baby-- usually, she is feeding him.

And this is the after effect of all that feeding-- milk face.