Saturday, April 05, 2014

This is our Friday

I know I am too old for pig tails, but this hair. YOU GUYS.  I am running out of options, and I can only wear a bun so many days before I feel like I have given up.
Full on battle over my phone
She was rebuffed.  But don't feel too bad for her-- she is a MONSTER and a total fake crier.  She walks around the house terrorizing Cooper all day long.
I hate how cold it is, but I love that Dorothy could wear this adorbs warm up suit from Kate one more time. (Also, AAP schma-AP-- Cooper knows his letters thanks to lack of supervision and Super Why, so if she watches a little public television in passing, I am cool with it).
Badger spirit day at school today-- who hoo!
Underwear monster.
Ad then the big boys left, and the babies played in Cooper's squalid room.
Squalor = pants optional
Lunch lady Dorothy
After school, I made big fat chewy chocolate chip cookies, and they were a big hit.  I really like to welcome the boys home from school with fresh hot cookies as many days of the weeks as I can because that's such a classic thing.  The were great, and even Dorothy adored them.

But she really wanted a glass of milk like the big boys.

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