Monday, April 21, 2014


Here are 80 of my favorite pictures from this weekend. I KNOW, RIGHT? Pretty obnoxious. And most of them are in order, but the last 18 or so are from Ben's phone so they start all over again. I KNOW, RIGHT? Also obnoxious.

We began the festivities bright and early Friday morning with some good old fashioned egg dyeing.
I cheaped out and bought $.79 eggs from Target and $2 PAAS dye, so the kids couldn't actually EAT the eggs, and they were bummed.
She's not really egg dyeing material.
Ben got super into the shrink wrapping
I have to clean this window sill, BTW, like everyday.
Made a double batch of cookies before company showed up on Friday.  I LOVE BAKING COOKIES.
My parents came bearing birthday gifts
And Easter baskets

And the news that their hotel had a pool
Little bunny Dorothy rocking her first ear infection.
Cooper is going to be hell on wheels at our Disney World hotel pool
So are these guys, natch
She played on the driveway and got dirty little feet
We went out for delicious Italian food with my parents, and I had the most awesome pomegranate martini
So fun!
Saturday morning we woke up to a really chill Easter bunny breakfast at a coffee shop down the street

Dorothy liked to smile at the bunny, but she didn't really feel the need to get close to him.  The bunnies on her dress were plenty.
The face painter did seriously good work.  I really like the carrot finger.
Even flappy little Cooper got painted.
jack and Cooper both bit the hell out of their fingers.
Everyone dressed fancy for a birthday lunch for Jack with my parents, brothers, Ben;s parents, and his sister's family.
Dorothy gave herself lots of applause probably because she looked so damn cute.
Cooper was seriously civilized.  IT WAS SO WEIRD.
Sweet baby Dorothy
She was also a little screamy-- the ear infection, you know?
The only picture I got of Ben because he was the one taking pictures because I was the one drinking champagne cocktails, my new favorite drink.
Wookie and milk.
Eating out with her is good for my diet because I have to hold her plates so she doesn't fling them, and I can't feed myself...
Jon and Caleb!  All the way from Jersey City!
Head of the table
She LOVED the huge windows.
Another well behaved preschooler
Working so hard to blow those candles out.
Champagne cocktails, FTW!
A lot of CAKE!
Clearly, Jack had a blast
Saturday night, my parents and my brothers and their significant others came over to enjoy craft beers, lots of meats and cheeses, and a backyard fire while assembling Easter baskets and gifts.  SO FUN!
Dorothy's playhouse was team work at its finest.
Ben tried to kill himself on the big boys' skate ramp
My brothers both questioned the playhouse directions that demanded they screw on the roof from INSIDE

I made super classy tags for all the outdoor gifts with folded construction paper and a sharpie.
Pretty fire.  Also all the light Ben offered the playhouse makers.
Made champagne cocktails at home with a bottle of Veuve and some Grand Marnier and orange slices.  SO GOOD.
Dorothy was the first one to find her basket Sunday morning
Jack was the last, but he was proud that it was hidden so trickily
Outdoor gifts and egg hunt!! (at like 6:30 am.  Blergh)

Coop is a big fan of his pedal-less bike
Dorothy was interested in/concerned about Harry's use of the ramp.
She LOVED the Fannie May chocolate bunnies and stole them from everyone's baskets
And eventually ruined her pretty dress
Pre-brunch-- I think everyone is looking at Cooper.


  1. Your family is so adorable! And where is that hotel??? It looks AWESOME for kids!

  2. I really enjoy the picture of Cooper climbing the play house with Jon inside and a dinosaur perfectly positioned outside. Jon's face made me laugh a lot.

    Your Dorothy's outfits are adorable. :)

  3. The kids look adorable! And you look gorgeous! Weren't you just complaining about baby weight and Duggar hair?!