Thursday, March 28, 2019

Kid Spring Break Mon-Wed

This is Dorothy and me pretending to be flamingoes at the zoo yesterday.  I have no idea why this picture uploaded first (see: things I have been typing on Blogger since 2005).
 Love this whole look:
 All dressed up to hit The Little Gym for camp on Monday morning so I could go to a meeting.
 God bless The Little Gym.
 After camp, we had lunch and then went downtown for ice cream!
 And a few Buckies
 And then, on the way home, some minigolf.
 Tuesday donned bright and early for another camp day
 Which meant a little work time for me (BUT NOT ENOUGH.  NEVER ENOUGH).

 We sepnt Tuesday afternoon swimming

 Spring feet!
 And seeing Captain Marvel, which we all loved!
 On Wednesday, we hit the town, stopping at our modern art museum for an exhibit of kiddie art
 and heading to the Capitol to go out on the observation deck. Which was still closed for the season.  Booooooo.
 But our enthusiasm did not wane.

 We have been trapped inside for so long that we can amuse ourselves endlessly just by jumping off stuff.

 A CANDY STORE?!  You know what they say about kids in a candy store.
 (Did I mention we ran into my brother and nephew?  Well, we did, and Henry came with us to the zoo!!)

 HOW COULD I FORGET the highlight of the day?!  Breakfast at our favorite greasy spoon!

Two more days left?  Will we survive?  Or will the stress of not having any childcare and my partner's non-negotiable work schedule do me in?

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Kiddie Spring Break: Friday-Sunday

When I went to volunteer in Cooper's class on Friday afternoon, I was feeling fairly glum about my break coming to an end and being stuck here for the kids' break.  When I took the first little spelling group out into the hallway for their tests, I asked one of the kiddos if he was going anywhere for break, and he said, "Oh yeah I am!  I am going to Skyzone and to play laser tag and to mini-golf and the movies!" And I was like omg yes!  this is so the attitude I need!

So, in addition to, you know, WORKING FULL TIME, I am going to make sure we also squeeze in tons of fun.

We started Friday after school with ice cream and the library because we are PARTY ANIMALS!

Ben's parents came to town on Saturday to celebrate Ben, Dorothy, and Jack's birthday.  Dorothy loved her Calico Critters and immediately got to work playing.
Ready to go in her amazing new unicorn sunglasses
Bucky!  (We walked around campus and went bowling-- it was super fun).
Post dinner picture:
The kids LOVED the pool at their grandparents' hotel, but all of the adults were super freaked out because it was PACKED.
We decided to try the pool again Sunday morning.
 To our delight, it was much more chill

 We tried a cute bar in a neighboring town for Sunday lunch
 And were delighted by all the trolls
 I mean, who doesn't love trolls?

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Pi Day and Baby's First Speech Contest

Harry wrote a speech about immigration, won his classroom competition, won his school competition, and got to compete in the city-wide contest against 6-12th graders from across the school district.

He got a suit.

Also an American flag pin for his lapl

(They dressed up fancy for their choir concerts.  Also, I love Cooper's idea of fancy clothes.)
Giving his speech!
Waiting for the final round announcement
He's so handsome!
He didn't make the final round, but he did a great job and worked really hard on his speech.  We were so proud.

Also, it was Pi Day, and we planned ahead.

Honestly?  I have no idea why this unpublished post has been sitting on my dashboard for two weeks, but what are you going to do?