Wednesday, October 21, 2020

On sleep

 Hi! How are you! It's me! Typing with 2 hands because I have 25 minutes before Dorothy and Cooper wake up, and Minnie is sleeping in my bed where I am not. I cannot tell you how huge this is-- usually, she ONLY SLEEPS ON ME for ALL OF HER SLEEPING NEEDS.

While I love this so much and recognize how fleeting it is, it is also SUPER OVERWHELMING.

Technically, she is sleeping through the night because some idiot decided that sleeping through the night means a stretch of 6-9 hours. Unfortunately for me, her stretch is from 8-ish to 2-ish, and I don't go to bed until like 11. Also, she spends the first 3 hours sleeping in my arms on the couch. WHICH I LOVE, don't get me wrong, but it doesn't necessarily feel like through the night, you know? She has had nights here and there where she sleeps until 4 and skips the 2, and those have been amazing. But other nights, she is awake off and on from 8-10 and STILL wakes up at 2, and sometimes, no matter when she falls asleep, she adds in a  12:30 feed just for fun.

I thought for awhile that side-lying and sort of not moving much to feed her would give her the idea that it's bedtime but all that does is make her grunt and burp for like 40 minutes after she eats, so I have to haul myself up and feed normally, burp, etc. It's better for HER, and she falls right back to sleep, but then my old lady insomnia kicks in, and by the time I am finally asleep after the 2:00, she is up for a 4:30 or 5 am snack. The 5 am snack is THE WORST for me because it's hard to sleep again before Ben's alarm and my need to have one quiet cup of coffee before all hell breaks loose. Minnie east one side very efficiently and is asleep within 7 minutes, and I get maybe one quarter of one more sleep cycle for me. (I am very good at falling instantly to sleep in the 4's-- I have no idea why, but when I had postpartum insomnia after Harry was born, I always knew that 4 am would see me snoring).

Basically, even though she sleeps well, I am getting 3 good hours and then SLEEP SCRAPS.  It's hard to be this old and parenting a newborn. Or! Maybe the perimenopause insomnia would have me sleeping like this anyway, so now at least I also get a baby?

And this baby! I don't even have words to describe how perfectly wonderful she is. She has made us all happier than we have any right to be in the middle of a global disaster.

She smiles, she coos. She laughed once at Ben, and she laughs in her sleep, so that's coming. She can ALMOST roll from front to back when she's on her tummy. She LOVES listening to her older siblings. She cannot sleep when she hears Dorothy's voice no matter how soft it is-- that's how much she loves Dorothy. Harry wants to be in charge of her all the time. Jack is impossibly sweet with her and can make her go from crying to cooing in moments. And Cooper! Cooper just has to appear in her line of vision, and she talks and talks to him. He says they have a special bond, and I think they might!

Ok-- I have 3 minutes to chug another cup of coffee before it's time to start our asynchronous learning day. Here are a few pics from yesterday (costume change due to diaper blowout).

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

I want to write a real post, but in the meantime here are some pictures.

Harry, 2 months in 2006; Dorothy, 2 months in 2020:
I cannot even believe how much those two look alike! And how much they both look like a Cabbage Patch Kid.

Minnie has basically stopped sleeping, so that's awesome.

I mean, that's not true. She slept great last night, and today she took a 2.5 hour morning nap (in the ergo), a 40 minute nap (on me), and a 30-minute nap (on me). But she needs to sleep some more, in my opinion but not in her, between now and bedtime. We always start off strong nap-wise, and then the wheels fall off the bus.

Dorothy, on her way home from picking up her school supplies earlier this week. She misses so school SO SO SO MUCH. She said she just wants to walk inside and say "I'm BACK!"

She's the sweetest.
Girls pic!
Seriously, she is THE SWEETEST.

Jack turned 12.5, and we celebrated with a whole day of his favorite foods.
As Cooper says, they have a special bond.
She recently discovered the light fixtures.
And also! She smiles for pictures.
Tummy time

Cooper loves sitting practice.
There's a baby in my coat.
We rediscovered Daniel Tiger, and the COVID episode is awesome.
Here's dad tiger all grumpy because Daniel won't leave him alone while he does his clock factory work on the kitchen table. TOO REAL.
Minnie thinks Ben is hilarious.
I love everything about this:
Her hair!
Modeling a hat from a friend
That hair!


Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Two month stats

 Pork chop had her 2-month check up today. She was 11 pounds, 5.5 ounces and 22.75 inches. Her stats made me check the other kids' electronic charts, and except for Coop who was 13 pounds and 2 feet long, the rest of them were within a half ounce and a half inch of Minnie.

She had vaccines-- always a bummer-- and now I am just sitting here compulsively feeling her forehead to see if she spikes a fever. Ah, postpartum anxiety.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Minnie Marigold is TWO MONTHS OLD


Sometimes I feel like this is all a dream. How can it be true that we get to be with the world's sweetest baby all day every day? And because she is not our first baby, we know that all the annoying phases like NEVER NAPPING AT ALL THE WHOLE DAY FOR EXAMPLE will pass. Or, like, she has wicked baby acne, but it's not even a little bit worrisome. This baby is the best thing that has ever happened to us, and we are so happy it is kind of gross. Don't we know there's a pandemic raging outside and a disaster of an election and a SCOTUS nominee in a kangaroo court?!?! We do, of course, but babies make you live in the moment and every moment is an absolute delight.

HER HAIR! OMG. It just goes like this and I LOVE IT.

WE put her in all kinds of weird places. But she is starting to move a bit, so this is going to have to end. BUT THERE IS A DOG. Beatrix so far just licks the baby, but what if she eats her?!
Her face is ludicrously squishy.
But for real her hair.

She's the best thing about 2020, that's for sure.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Excuse my absence these last couple of weeks...

 ... I was pretty sure I was dying,

But today, a nurse at my OB's office called with those magic words the mole is normal.

I will spare you the details and just use a phrase I hope I never encounter again: vulvar biopsy.


So! Pictures! Because there is an 8-week-old baby after all.

Fall walk:
Life lately:
Story walk at the library:
Every night from 8-10:30 pm
I took her out of the Ergo and she fell asleep some more:
And caramel apples, natch
Speaking of pumpkins:
So sleepy!
So awake!
Aaand asleep again
Every night Love it!!
Art class
Big girl outfit!
Baby skeleton
wearing a onesie of Harry's
We have had the best weather!!
She rolled! (on a hill)
They were proud
MOAR smiles!

Bath side eye
A wet walk. Oops.