Monday, June 29, 2020

Elderly pregnancy: 32 weeks

It is hard to get up from places like the hammock, lounge chairs, the side of the pool, the freaking COUCH.

I am so fat that my thighs are rubbing together.

Regular shirts show my belly, and tight-fitting maternity ones ride up to juuuuust under my bra.

I need a pedicure but am having a hard time reaching.

I wake up CONSTANTLY because it's hard to get settled, even with the life-changing magic of my pregnancy pillow.

The baby is moving like a little alien in there. I am a little worried because the midwife said she was head down at my last visit--- I hope she doesn't flip and then get stuck in a weird position.

Her room is DONE!!! I even added a plant yesterday.

We only have to buy a few more things to be totally ready, chief among them a carseat/stroller and a bassinet. You know, THE LITERAL ESSENTIALS.

The kids are beyond excited.

I made a Pinterest board for a postpartum wardrobe and basically just aspire to wear nursing tanks, nursing bras, and yoga pants. Good thing it's a pandemic and I can't go ANYWHERE.

Speaking of, I only bought 1 t-shirt and a dress for this pregnancy and have been mostly just wearing my normal clothes and looking silly.

Someone needs to tell my belly button we have 8 weeks to go!

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Wholesome AF

Hello, it's me your old friend Humpty Dumpty.
 Here are the kids writing in their summer journals at the edge of Picnic Point because we are, as I have mentioned previously, wholesome AF.
 The boys have read their third book of the pandemic, and they celebrated with a book club discussion and s'mores,
 Harry helped Cooper create a parachute for the Apollo mission-type spacecraft Cooper made out of LEGO and then they spent an afternoon launching it dow the stairs and in the bathtub.
 Meanwhile, Jack and Dorothy played Animal Crossing and Calico Critters, respectively.
 A little social distancing at the greenhouse for juuuuust a few more plants.
And there you have it-- our totally normal and boring weekend.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Just 2 months to gooooooo!

 Is this a totally SUMMER picture or what-- unicorn sprinkler down; kid on her bike in a swimsuit.  I LOVE IT.
 My college girlfriends got me a mask subscription for my birthday, and it is AMAZING.
 Harry and Coop rode their bikes to the pool aftet Harry's high school sports zoom workout-- so cute!
 They played in this box for QUITE SOME TIME
 I ordered this recliner on Amazon, and Harry built it!
 Ben's first swim:
 Oh this sweet little baby room!!!

 And these sweet little baby clothes!
 Remember back at the beginning of the pandemic when we were all staying home and watching Tiger King?
 Father's Day hike! We saw NO ONE on the rails-- it was fab!

 More teeny clothes. Her little dresser is sticked with 0-6 month clothes, and this is the newborn drawer.
 Puddle jumping
 Purple lips-- as sign that it's time to go home.
HOW have I gained 27 pounds? I guess we will never know. (It's the ICE CREAM)

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Summer loving

At least we have the pool and dive team practice to give us some sort of regular schedule.

Here is Dorothy with screens but poolside. That's so summer!
A picnic in the front yard! Yep.
We have been trying to get out for a curbside errand or a walk most afternoons to break up the really crabby time before dinner. We found this lovely pond and a path through a 7 acre reclaimed prairie right by the kids' dentist office. Who knew?
Also there was a Bucky!
We asked Jack what he wanted as a straight-A treat, expecting tech requests or cash. HE WANTED TO COOK EVERYONE BREAKFAST FOR DINNER!!!
More diaper practice:

I gave all the boys their second round of COVID cuts.
Dorothy got a mermaid tail.
Jack is THRILLED to be back on the boards for a season of practice.
So thrilled I don't even know if he will miss the meets!
If you can't tell, we are all loving the pool.
We are starting to add in summer school stuff. We're beginning with regular reading (that I am checking up on--- not the reading they do before bed) and journaling every day. Here they are making collage covers for their journals:
Also because I am a speech person, they present their journal entries to the group every day, and they have started writing in jokes to perform and delivery notes, and I am loving it.

Buddy the Elf built his bday LEGO in NO TIME:
We had a diaper race. Dorothy won, but everyone got it where it needs to go in less than 40 seconds!
We've also been working on swaddling
Cooper is especially hooked.
Dorothy would like to have this pregnancy pillow when I am done:
MOAR POOL-- now she is brave enough to swim solo in her tail.
Bubbles of disappointment after the pool was too busy to swim after dinner the other night.
How a teen goes to play basketball with a friend in a pandemic: mask, sanitizer, his own ball.
Cooper missed a spot with his sunscreen. HA!