Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday, random Monday

 I am really getting fed up with the baby weight situation.  And it is my own damn fault because I blow my diet EVERY DAY.  I have been 17-18 pounds above my goal weight for almost 6 months now, and it's driving me CRAZY.  But apparently not crazy enough to stop eating like an insane giant.  I am exercising 40 minutes a day everyday, but that doesn't matter when I eat bites of the children's food all day long and never count them on My Fitness Pal.  Or when I inhale like 5 graham crackers and then think that I don't need to count them because WTH they're only graham crackers (and are 65 calories a sheet!) Or when I sit down at night to have a "snack" and end up eating like 750 calories.  THESE THINGS HAPPEN EVERYDAY.  Yesterday, I made cookies with the boys and at 7 of them.  7 cookies!  Not reasonable for an adult.  We go on vacation in a little over a month, and I don't want to feel my shorts riding up my legs because my thighs rub together so much or need to stand behind my kids to hide my Magic Kingdom muffin top or feel weird playing on the beach in my tankini.   I know I am not going to lose all the weight I want to before our trip, but I just want to make some kind of progress and FINALLY get my eating under control.  I am breastfeeding all the time (actually, she is starting to eat more and more food and less and less milk which is lovely but also kind of sad), and I know that's making me hungry, but DAMNIT.

Dorothy LOVES her sparkly shoes.  Cracks me up.
It's kid spring "break" here this week.  While this break is a vacation from packing lunches or needing to go anywhere at anytime, it also kind of sucks because the weather is supposed to be pretty grim.  That means lots of cooped up kids.  And Ben and I already had our (separate) spring breaks, so we both have to work and can't go anywhere warm this week (which is why I have a vacay countdown on my phone).

Speaking of vacation!  I have decided to give up my fear of flying and start to live as if I am totally cool with air travel.  To this end, I have 3!! plane trips planned before the end of the year:  family trip to the beach and then Disney, girls' trip to Napa, and family Christmas trip to San Diego.  Practice makes perfect, right?

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  1. I think you look fabulous and am deciding if I need to try to work on my own eating habits before Napa or just buy some flowy skirts and own it. I am also hooked on graham crackers but usually eat mine slathered in either peanut butter or cream cheese.

    Snow? This winter is ridic.