Friday, April 18, 2014

Family fun time!

My parents are in town, and tomorrow my brother and Caleb will be here.  We have breakfast with the Easter Bunny, a fancy restaurant lunch, a back yard fire pit and Wisconsin craft beer and specialty foods evening, and a fatty Sunday brunch planned.  And they'll be here Monday to help us through the kids' last day of spring "break" (yeah-- they get Monday off, too-- blergh).

But today was birthday presents fr Jack, Easter baskets, hotel pool swimming and general merriment (even though poor little Dorothy has an ear infection-- her first one-- and didn't sleep AT ALL last night after 12:46 and did not nap today)

But she's still a cute little bunny
 We dyed eggs this morning.  My fingers are still blue.

 Doing this crazy new thing where I put Dorothy in girl pajamas.  I like it.
 I think the kid on the bottom is Harry, but it might be Cooper.  Who knows?

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