Sunday, November 05, 2017

ALDI, I love you.

My Thanksgiving motto FOR SURE:
 Oh, you guys.  He is SUCH a tween.  So whenever he wants to hang out, I am RIGHT THERE.
 Have you ever had a Kringle?  WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?
 Jack is my ultimate grocery shopping buddy.  Today we hit the high
 and low end.
Seriously, you guys.  At Whole Foods, I got a SINGLE BAG of groceries (and a 6-pack of wine) for $100, and at ALDI, I only paid a little bot more than that for an entire trunk of stuff.  Its insane.  I wish I could get all of the money back I wasted all those years NOT shopping at ALDI.  Last night for dinner I served the kids ORGANIC spaghetti and sauce, garlic bread, and green beans with their favorite jarred peaches, and the whole table of food cost $11.  I MEAN SERIOUSLY.  That's amazing.

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