Monday, November 06, 2017

HOCKEY Sunday. The first one, so we are still excited about it.

This is Jack walking the dog yesterday morning.  He was so adorable I had to take a picture, but I am afraid this picture does not do his adorableness justice.
 While cleaning Dorothy's room, I came upon Miss Elaina and Prince Wednesday in a compromising position.
 Harry had his first hockey game of the season today (LOSS 6-0) in Monroe, a tiny town with an adorable main street/town square.  We dropped Harry at the rink and headed to a cute little bar for bloodies and fried things. It was perfect.

 Then we took pics with some weird wooden statues that adorn the square.

 The kids were happy to run rampant around the rink and play with their hockey friends.
 And even though the kids lost, we were also happy to be back on the bleachers.  We are SUCH a hockey family.  Who knew.
I made this for dinner, and I recommend it even though it looked like vomit.

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  1. Does Monroe have some connection to Dr Suess?
    Who’s the adorable little boy with your kids? (In the Thing picture)