Saturday, November 04, 2017


Something I realized on Friday morning:  HARRY CAN MAKE HIS OWN SMOOTHIE.  Bam!
 I chaperoned an awesome field trip to a science expo for Jack;s 4th grade class-- the same field trip I chaperoned for Harry.  As usual, the kids and the parents had a blast.

 Dorothy is so happy Halloween is over because now her unicorn is hers to ride all day long.
 We had another terrific family movie Friday with our favorite greasy pizza while Harry was at hockey and then E.T. after we all convened at home and took showers.

  E.T. was a huge hit.
 Today Jack and Cooper and I made these candy cooke bars (that are amazing), and Jack and Cooper were super serious about selecting the right blend of candy.

 We watched ANOTHER movie this afternoon-- Daddy's Home, which only Harry had seen, in preparation for the sequel on Friday.
 Then Coop circled basically everything in the Toys R Us holiday catalog.
 And Beatrix helped herself to Dorothy's plate.
OK.  There you have it.  SATURDAY.

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