Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Fall Cookies with a Couple of Elves

I read this article about listening to Christmas music too early and anxiety, but I decided that I just don't care.  Dorothy and I are both ready to usher in the holiday season.

Still, it feels too early for Christmas cookies, so I encouraged her to go through the cookie cutters and find all of the fall shapes yesterday.

Then, right before bath time, I made a half-batch of this delicious dough that doesn't need to chill.  And actually?  I might use it for my real Christmas cookies because I think it's as good as the excellent dough I usually make.  Maybe better, even,  because of the hint of almond extract.

Dorothy is super serious about her cookie-rolling, as you can see.

 At first, they both balked when I said we didn't have time to frost the cookies.

But that was before I gave them my only two remaining bottles of colored sugar.
 Note Beatrix in the background.  Clearly, cookie making excites her.
 Cooper was so sweet to his bossy little sister
 And they worked together surprisingly nicely
 And heart breakingly seriously.

 Celebrating their job well done
 I mean YUM (kidding, obvi)  Do you like her fall shapes?  A butterfly, a flower, a snowflake, a leaf (NAILED IT), a bunny (because she says bunnies are hibernate-y), and an Easter basket she thinks is a clam.  I LOVE KIDS.
 The taste-test was successful.
 Also!  I gave Dorothy a blow-out after bath last night--she;s not up yet but I am excited to see if it stayed neat overnight because the dryer was easier than the flat iron, and it gave her a nice turned under shape.  WHY DO I THINK SO MUCH ABOUT THIS?


  1. Dorothy’s Hair looks gorgeous Post-blow out. Did it last for morning?

    And you are the nicest mom ever. We were only allowed to sprinkle the faintest amount of sugar or sprinkles on cookies. Like pinch the sugar between two little kid fingers and sprinkle. “Don’t you know how expensive this stuff is!!?!” (Circa 1980).

  2. Your Easter baskets are totally clams :)

  3. I just pinned the recipe and an ad for my local
    Target popped up telling me which ingredients they had on sale. Technology is freaky

  4. What are your tips for halving that sugar cookie recipe since it contains 1 egg??