Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hanukkah Theme Nights

Ok, you guys.

I am killing myself trying to avoid the trap of buying too much stuff but also having Hanukkah be a delightful string of surprises. 

This year, I decided to theme it out.

In no particular order we'll have
Crazy slipper night (this one is self explanatory)
As-seen-on-TV night ( sham wows for all-- not really, but kind of)
Game night (I think this one is going to be mega-cheap because I found one game we can all play and plan to also do an ice cream sundae bar)
Book night (can't all be winners, kids)
Dinner and a movie night (the kids might ask how is this night different from all other nights, and I will tell them to SAVE IT FOR PASSOVER)
Water park night


Anybody have a good idea for another night or two? 


Sabrina said...

Scavenger hunt around the neighborhood night? In teams?

Anonymous said...

spa night (face masks? hair dye? fancy dog shampoo?)

sibs night (draw names from a hat and let them each pick a gift for one of the other kids)

sharing night (give a donation in each of their names to a charity they'll care about)

summer night (new swimsuits/goggles/pool toys/a week of camp you were going to sign up for anyway and turn the heat up and sit on towels and make smoothies with umbrellas in them)

Lisa R. said...

Pajama night!
Maybe an Arts and Crafts night? With Make Your Own Pizza or Tacos or Subs/Decorate Your Own Cookies and crafts for all!

KJ said...

Hanukkah makes me think of light (duh!) - so what about flashlight or night-light night? As a kid, we all got flashlights one year (each a different color) and we LOVED them!

mp said...

Craft or maker kit night?

Chiconky said...

I love this!! What about a Gingerbread House night or an Ugly Sweater (goofy t-shirt) night? My kids love tiny things, so maybe a Gullivers Travels night with the movie and blind bags?

Michelle said...

Indoor camping: S'mores over candles, tent forts, audio book instead of TV/movie...