Monday, November 13, 2017

Sunday, lazy Sunday

Things I have done instead of working on my novel.  THIS MORNING:
1.  Shopped for inappropriate cocktail dresses on Thread Up.  Inappropriate because I have zero dollars to buy frivolous stuff and nowhere to wear a cocktail dress.
2,.  Ditto with fancy preschooler dresses.
3. Facebook stalked a truly fabulous 40th birthday party and thought about my own which will be less exclusive night club with bottle service and beach and more and-can-you-believe-I-am-in-bed-before-11.
4.  Appreciated myself for buying better coffee at the store this week.
5.  Tried to think of reason I can't make it to Jacks class to volunteer this morning before realizing I just need to go to the damn class because I am leaker who hasn't shown up yet.
6.  Decided the solution to the holiday card envelopes I keep smudging with my left hand is STICKERS.  CHRISTMAS STICKERS.
7.  Obsessed about a Thanksgiving menu.


 I told you yesterday would be BORING, and Harry, Ben, and I were the only people to leave the damn the house all day.  And we went in shifts.

This is how Dorothy spent her morning:
 Beatrix was game as well:
 Cooper created a pillow fort that he could only access by crawling under the bed
 So that's where he hung out, too
There were brownies
 And some Grinch viewing
 Cucumbers:  A snack or a beauty ritual?  OR BOTH?

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  1. I think you meant slacker but I love that it says “leaker.” LOL!
    What about a 40th slumber party? Then you get booze, shenanigans, AND in bed by 11?