Wednesday, November 08, 2017

I love my stinky dog

You guys.

I have to get my dog washed today.

She is the smelliest dog in the history of dogs.

It's not her fault-- she is shedding in preparation of getting her winter coat, and that makes her really itchy.  She's constantly scratching because her fur feels itchy, and when she scratches herself, she sends these enormous bursts of stinky dog smell into the atmosphere.

Something you should know about Beatrix-- she is always pretty stinky, even when she's clean. Her natural smell is heavily doggy and musky and really pretty putrid on the regular. And something that surprises me is that I kind of dig it.  Her stink is endearing, like her snoring and all of the drool.

Beatrix only sheds twice a year-- spring leading into summer and fall leading into winter-- and both of those times are rancid.

I would just give her a bath in the tub (probably Harry and Jack's tub, if you want to know the truth), and I even have some delicious TIGI dog shampoo downstairs.  But.  A couple of things.  1.  She is losing SO MUCH HAIR that I can't even imagine how I would get it out of the tub.  2.  Baths scare her, and I don;t want to be the person who almost gives her a fear heart attack.  3.  She also needs a nail trim, and she has really long veins in her nails, so we've got to leave it to the pros.

The only problem with sending her out for a bath is that I cannot remember to make an appointment until the day is done and we are sitting on the couch, and I am petting her and all of her hair is falling out and my hands smell terrible.  Today, though!  Today I have an appointment and by tonight? I will be rubbing a sleek little pumpkin spiced dog (the groomer uses seasonal scents).  I always say I am going to just set up a recurring appointment  Maybe today will be the day that this finally happens.

I also need to take the children for haircuts, which feels a lot like the same thing.

I don't think I talk often enough about how wonderful Beatrix is and how much joy she brings to our lives.
 She always smiles in her sleep. and this is where you can find her 75% of the day
 She also really enjoys watching TV and barks at ANY animal on the screen, the animal doesn't even have to be making noise.  Which, of course, is how we first noticed that she's actually watching.
 If someone falls asleep on the coach with a blanket-- SHE IS THERE for them
 If someone is reading on the couch?  She's up for that, too.
 How she spends most nights post 7:30 pm.
 Oh, you're going to sit on the couch and watch a movie?  BEATRIX IS IN
 Notice she has her hand on my arm here.
 Where she is the other 25% of her day:

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