Sunday, November 12, 2017

It's a thrill a minute around here.

It's only the 12th, but already, I am not sure that my life is interesting enough for NaBloPoMo.  I mean, if I show you all the stuff we did yesterday, what am I going to talk about tomorrow?  My plans today include making chili and cleaning the house.  SO EXCITING.

Anywho, Ben had a speech tournament yesterday, so he was gone ALL FREAKING DAY.  The kids and I drove to a far flung farm town for a hockey game.  (And I should add that my sense of direction is so bad that Ben had to take me to that arena on Friday afternoon for a practice run so I could understand the Google map directions.  In my defense, Google Maps explains roundabouts in a really strange way.  Also!  I tried to explain to Ben that if he gets lost he can at least figure out generally which direction he should drive to get closer to home.  I completely lack that skill-- I have no way of understanding where I am in relationship where I have been or need to be.  It's  hard to overcome.)

We ate the very last frozen pizza we have been saving from our favorite local grocery store that went out of business.  It's no white rhino, but it's still sad.
Ben and I have been looking everywhere for our Amazon Fire Stick because we want to watch Netflix in bed but we don't want to move the Apple TV into our room and deal with all of the cords (we need smart TVs, obvi).  I asked the kids if they had seen it, and Dorothy was like yes it's in daddy's candy drawer.  I was all what's that? and she took me to my room and opened up the night stand drawer, and I AM STILL LAUGHING.
On the way to hockey, we noticed that the local high school parking lot was filled with horses and ponies, including this one with a pink mane and a turquoise tail:
Harry's team lost 7-0.  Oops.
Jack has EXCELLENT claw machine skills.
Yay hockey!
On our way to campus from the game, we stopped at the best bakery in town.  I fasted until 2:30 and then had a vanilla-frosted cinnamon roll. (When I came home, I ate a whole tupperware of steamed broccoli, and my drinks at dinner had lots of grapefruit juice, so I feel like it was a nutrtitional win).
We looked way better than this light would have you believe.
Birthday parties are my favorite.


  1. Erin C. Smith10:26 AM

    Ok Ben. Candy WRAAAAAAAPPERRRRRRSSSS in drawer better or worse than stuffed in couch cushions?! LOL

  2. ^^^^^ Erin beat me to it!

    After seeing that picture I had two questions:
    1) Was the fire stick in the drawer?
    2) why is it ok to leave wrappers shoved in a drawer but not ok to leave them shoved in the sofa?

  3. Better. Just so we're all clear. Better.