Friday, November 10, 2017

the many faces of dorothy

Ok.  Just one face.  Kind of a freaked out one, actually.

Ah, school pictures.

Today, I get to jump with Dorothy at a trampoline place for a couple of hours (and I get to drive there in rush hour traffic on the freeway **shudder**) then I get to rush home to make lunch for Jack and Cooper who are out early today.  Then I get to take them for haircuts (blech), but then!  DADDY'S HOME 2 for Family Movie Friday, which I also wrote about here.  YAY!!  Also?  I only have 10 more lectures to go!  And the topics include HRC's "Women's Rights Are Human Rights" speech-- which I write my MA thesis about, Margaret Sanger's early birth control rhetoric (hello, PhD research), Elizabeth Cady Stanton's "Solitude of Self" (My very favorite EVAR), and HRC's concession speech (SOB) and her eulogy for Edie Windsor!!  Unlike the last 17 lectures I have written, I know something about all of these speeches and won't have to spend hours getting myself up to speed on things like, say LINCOLN'S SECOND INAUGURAL.  A BREEZE is what I am saying and SO SO FUN.  And seriously, I mean those things, which is why my job is the perfect job for me.  Off to bounce.  Bouncing's my favorite.  9Seriously, despite the joke I made in this performance, I can bounce without peeing, and I'm pretty proud of that).

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