Thursday, November 30, 2017

Notes from a busy little week.

Thanks for the suggestions yesterday-- I think I have almost figured it out.

Also!  Please comment on my giveaway post here.  I'd like to get 30 comments before I pick a winner.

I didn't realize how disconnected from work I was after 5 days off until I went to the office on Monday and tried to slip back into things.  I left myself a really helpful list of things to do on Monday and notes about where I was on various projects, and that helped.  But my whole rhythm has been off all week.  Still!  Only 3 more lectures left to give and then a final exam to proctor and my large lecture class is done!  I have a speech contest (which means a really late night) and a grading meeting for my large class that I direct and then nothing but break, friends.  Phew!  Tuesday, I submitted a manuscript review to a journal, write a letter of rec for a student, updated course materials for my large course in the spring, wrote the last exam for my current lecture class, caught up on a million emails, and did lecture prep-- it was a total gauntlet of a day, and my entire goal in life is to have like 3 days while the kids are in school that I have nothing to do all morning while Dorothy is at preschool but sit on my couch and mouth breathe at the TV.

In other news, I HAVE KOHLS CASH and something I want to buy at Kohls.  Amazing.  This has never happened to me before.

Also!  Finally saw Bad Moms Christmas.  LOVED IT.  But when it comes to movies, I am a total simpleton, so.

The only pic I took the other day was of my own huge bun.  I was super impressed with myself
 Aw, Dorothy.  Always a willing selfie partner.
 She totally loves me-- can't you tell?  Also, my hair is so ratty I may wind up with a mom bob.
 I felt bad that the cookies were from a box, so I tried to up the after school snack presentation.

 Library hold scores!  I hit the jackpot today and will be super busy reading in December.
 We could not even for one more day with the Thanksgiving leftovers, so we went to Subway, natch!
 I LOVE being her cheetos and mustard napkin.
 I am not trying to be a Scrooge, but we have had ZERO time to get a tree.  And this outdoor wreath hung up inside is about as far as I have gotten.  Super.


  1. I'm so jealous of your bun! I'm about two poor decisions away from a mom-bob myself, but it's because my hair is the limpest, stringiest mess ever.

  2. Don't cut your hair! I have the mom bob now that I have been trying to grow out forever. I am so incredibly jealous of your bun.