Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving prep

First of all, you should 10000% ENTER YESTERDAY'S GIVEAWAY!

I'll wait, even.

Ok.  Good job.

Now, seriously, you guys, let's talk about Thanksgiving.  HOLY SHIT THANKSGIVING.  There are a lot of moving pieces.  I made a spread sheet.  Actually a couple of spreadsheets.  And also a 5-page grocery list organized by store and by day I should go to there.

Today, I have 2 more stores to hit and then!  I am going to make everything I possibly can tonight (thank you, fridge in the basement) and then the rest of it tomorrow. My plan is to leave Thursday for assembling appetizer trays, setting the table, and figuring how the hell to cook everything in my on oven.  And, of course, for everything else that comes up

Most of my recipe bookmarks are Martha Stewart and the rest are Pioneer Woman.  HOW COULD I GO WRONG? (Shut up. There are probably a million, billion ways and that doesn't even take into account combinations and permutations.)

Ben took Harry to a far-away hockey game at a rink that doesn't have doors (WHAT THE HELL, WISCONSIN?) so I was on tiny hockey practice duty.  It was boring.  BUT SO CUTE.
 Also, Cooper can skate backwards, meaning he has surpassed my skillz.
 Dorothy was a teeny bit bored, too.
 This book slays me.
 I broke my cake stand (like the 5th fucking one-- that deserves an F word by the way because do you know how much I love cake stands?) but I am so happy I saved the top because it fits perfectly on the dinner plates Ben's mom gave us. Also, I am never making muffins for my kids that have sugar tops ever again because it;s like my house is carpeted in sugar.
 I asked Dorothy what she wanted for lunch after preschool yesterday, and instead of answering directly she asked if she could crack the eggs and flip the pancakes and do all of the mixing.  Of course I said yes, and she said, "Ok.  Then I will have pancakes for lunch and make the boys so jealous.  but only if you have buttermilk."  Luckily, I had buttermilk.
 I have started making cookies for my TAs when there are exams to grade.  I left these for the kids and they were untouched when I came home.  Maybe because they blend in with the counter? Or maybe because I bake too much and they GNF?  Definitely not because the cookies were bad.  I ate them just to make sure.
 The only place mats that I have enough of look like hell with my dishes (and are too springy)
 These look great.  But I only have 4.
 These are OK, but I only have 8.
  I think I am going to use all of the rounds and the rectangles, too, and alternate. Thoughts?  What I am NOT going to do it buy more placemats.  I am committed I am pretty sure to the green tablecloths and yellow napkins-- they really look pretty with the plates IRL.  Napkin rings are dark wood, FYI.  I have red napkins and green ones, but  I want to go for fall over Christmas.

Literally the things that are keeping me up at night.  I will keep you posted.  OF COURSE.


  1. The rectangles are my favorite and I think alternating will look great!

  2. Alternate!!!

    You can NEVER go wrong with PW, btw. She is my cooking mentor.