Friday, November 08, 2013

Post Number 1320: Just as Random as the Other 1319

I ate so much the other night that while Ben had the big boys at hockey, I decided to do ANOTHER complete workout.  I work upt every morning for about 40 minutes at 6:00 and watch DVR'd episodes of Sex and the City from the Esquire network.  I never watched that show until I was up in the middle of the night nursing Jack, and it was on HBO on demand, and I have not seen every episode.  I didn't see the whole Big and Natasha thing, actually.  I'm into 2001, and it makes my workouts FLY by.

But the other day's second workout was slow as hell because these guys were so dangerous.  Dorothy climbed up a 36-pack of tiny waters from Costco, and Cooper toppled his old swing.
I finally had to elliptical while holding the baby.  Not the best workout.
Cooper looked like Paddington Bear on his way into Kindermusik the other morning.
Jack threw up on Wednesday night (in the middle of the night in his bed and didn't tell us until morning, which was freaking gross), so he stayed home from school yesterday with instructions to lie on the couch and watch Netflix all day.  It was pretty much his dream day.  But Cooper would not leave him the hell alone.  He even commandeered Jack's iPad.  But Jack had Apple TV, so he didn't mind.  He watched every episode of ANT Farm among other things.  At one point he looked up from My Little Pony and said, "I enjoy this."
Cooper and Dorothy conferred about the iPod we use to play Dorothy's white noise.
Dorothy played shoe

Cooper played by himself in the toy room for a loooong time (almost neglectfully long) this morning.  He could barely tear himself away from trucks, guys, and castles to have lunch and nap.
Jack insisted I bring him beige lunch on a board (which is what he calls a tray).
And this was SUCH A GOOD IDEA.  Dorothy was fussy, but I don't like to put her down for nap until I have cleaned up lunch and done whatever other chore type thing I need to do because her naps are short, and if I spend the first part of them cleaning and doing housework, I barely get any "me" time.  In this case, the chore I needed to do was put my makeup on, but she cried every time I put her down.  So I plopped her in the sink and let her play with my lotion tube.  And then she turned on the water and soaked herself.  Oops. So much for her adorable fancy Thursday outfit.


  1. Fancy Thursdays! I love it. Also, Charlie was sick this week too and letting a kid watch TV eight hours in a row is AWESOME.

  2. Dorothy is such a fashionista.

    I can't imagine sleeping in throw up. Boys are the weirdest.

  3. Dorothy in the sink may be my favorite picture yet