Monday, November 11, 2013


I volunteered in Jack's class this morning, and the kids were CRAZY. I think it was the snow. Every couple of minutes, one of them would scream "SNOW!" and the whole class would run to windows and throw themselves against the glass to see it.  Ridiculous.  The teacher was meeting with reading groups and in the mean time, I was circulating to supervise the rest of  the kids as they worked on their literacy centers which were supposed to be independent. On my watch, the back table of kids drew all the hell over the table, a kid I was sitting directly next to at the time affixed all the stickers for his group's center to another table, and there was a lot of shouting and wandering.  Oops.  But then they had an all-class dance party before snack, and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen.  And then a girl asked me if I was Jack's uncle.

 Cooper insisted we put some product in Dorothy's hair
Clearly he thought the whole thing was hilarious (he insists on product for his hair, too)
Instead of just capturing the floor and his feet, Cooper took a picture of a person (we're teaching Dorothy how to wave...)

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  1. I LOVE that someone asked if you were his uncle. That is hilarious! And you are adorable in that last picture. Four children, amazing career AND you don't seem to ever age. That's quite the trifecta.