Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Baby No-Nap strkes again

Just when I thought I kind of had my shit together and might have free time again soon BAM! Struck down by baby no-nap not napping.


My morning was full of Little Gym and actually taking a shower before leaving the house (I KNOW-- radical new concept I have been toying with.)

When the big boys get home I have to go hang some PTO posters at school and then take them shopping with the food pantry Thanksgiving wish list they bring home every year from school so we can bring our donations to the book fair.  Then after dinner, I am volunteering at said book fair until baby bed time while Ben takes a conference call and wrangles all the boys.  Yikes!  And special snowflake Harrison brought home a book fair wish list that totaled $100, and he's talking so excitedly about every title, how can we not fill it?  I am a sucker for books.   Jack is "keeping my list in my brain," and Cooper make screeching noises and raised his hand which I think means he wants a book about monkeys.  WE'RE ALL EXCITED ABOUT THE BOOK FAIR is what I am trying to say.

I am in the home stretch of online course development.  I have a handful of presentation scripts left to write.  Then I am going to write 7 weeks of quizzes.  Then I have to actually record all the presentations and load them in the class.  And then I need to figure out a few administrative details-- like how students are turning in their speeches, for example.  And that's it.  Done by Thanksgiving, I hope.  So I can throw my syllabus together for my criticism class and whip spring's public speaking materials into shape.  So I can spend winter break (we all have a winter break, but mine is the longest-- ha!) doing precisely nothing.

Speaking of which, these presentations won't write themselves, and Harry and Jack's bathroom won't clean itself (BUT OH MY GOD I WISH IT WOULD).

Naps are for losers.

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