Sunday, November 03, 2013

Kindergarten Halloween

I spent the most delightful hour in kindergarten at Jack's Halloween party on Thursday. I was the only mom there, but a little girl's grandma came straight from work and was in a cowgirl costume, only it was a slightly awkward costume because it wasn't very exaggerated, and she had to keep telling the kids that no, that wasn't her normal outfit.

Jack was so excited to show me everything, and he insisted that I stand by his chair while he made his mummy. (Plans for a walk to collect fall leaves on the school prairie were rained out, so the kids made mummies and played bingo. Their teacher gave them a card with fall pictures and candy corns to use as markers.  Then she used the document camera and the ginormous TV to flash pictures of the fall scenes and told the kids that they could only get bingo by filling their entire card.  Wouldn't you know it, they all got bingo at the same moment, and NONE OF THEM SAW IT COMING.  I love kindergarteners.)
Dorothy came too,, much to the delight of the kindergartners, who wanted to hold her and hug her and kiss her and give her chokey little toys and cough all over her.

She had a ton of fun, too.
She thinks Jack is pretty awesome.
Dorothy and I borrowed an umbrella from the lost and found because the pleasant gray mist we walked to school in turned into freezing rain while we were serving cider, popcorn, and cookies in the cozy kindergarten.  As I walked home with just enough time to fold laundry before I had to walk back and get the big boys, I thought how completely lucky I am to be able to volunteer in kindergarten and how completely adorable the children were, with their sticky fingers and palpable excitement about trick-or-treating. 

It's a beautiful life, especially with 2 more kindergarten Halloweens on the horizon.

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