Friday, November 15, 2013

No-school Friday

Kids had no school today, and I felt like baking a gross of cookies fora thing we are having tomorrow night, so I took everyone to Trader Joes where there was much blurry merriment with the little carts.
Also lots of Hanukkah gelt.
Dorothy slithered around the kitchen and tore stuff out of cabinets while I baked and the boys eventually played outside in the perfect 55-degree weather.  Cooper was so sad when he had to come in for lunch and nap.
She manage to make a pretty good mess
She's trouble, that one
In fact, when she started crying after only 55 minutes of nap, we thought we'd see if she would go back to sleep.  But we noticed that she sounded kind of serious, so Ben went in her room and found her standing up holding onto the bars.  Oops.  Time to lower her crib mattress.
A little Bed jumping (Harry) and tantrumming (Cooper)
They liked baby jail
8 months old today!
I forgot to buy new onesies, so I have just been cramming her into 3-month ones.  For 5 months.  As you can see, they're getting kind of tight.  Oops again.


  1. Our TJs did away with the kid carts and Syd grieves a little every time we go. I don't miss the constant tip overs though. We were a TJ liability. I did the same thing with A's clothes! Kept talking about what a peanut she was, oh, wait...

  2. MAN she is so cute!! And I love her pink tights!!