Friday, November 22, 2013

Dorothy: Dangerous and Full of Teeth

Dorothy is teething, and she is PISSED OFF about it.  A frozen bagel calms her down, and I can see those little teeth just below the surface looking sharp.
Since she spends her entire night latched on while she sleeps, it didn't affect her overnight.

I have a whole list of things I need to do: work on class stuff for next semester, put away the last load of laundry when it's finally dry, make some baby applesauce with the bajillion honey crisp apples in the crisper, sweep the kitchen floor, vacuum the bedrooms, wipe down Harry and Jack's bathroom because they had a playdate yesterday and there are muffin wrappers everywhere which is SO GROSS, do my hair and makeup because SERIOUSLY.  Very busy and important things, all of them.  And I'd like to get them all done before Ben gets home so I can take Dorothy's Thanksgivukkah dress to the bow boutique to get accessories.  BECAUSE IT IS SO CUTE:
Cooper-- the hiding on the bed pillows.  It doesn't get old for him:
And while I think it is adorable, it is nothing compared to the cuteness of him leafing through the Fisher Price holiday catalog murmuring with delight at every page.

Dorothy is practicing her standing skills right now, and she makes me realize that the whole basement is a sharp-edged death trap.  Gotta go catch her!

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