Thursday, November 21, 2013

Happy days

Cooper was hiding.
I actually don't think he and Dorothy are feeling well.  The picture below was him at 11:10 when were were folding laundry before his 11:30 lunchtime.  I asked him to match up all the socks which is a job he usually really likes, and I went to the kitchen with a stack of dish towels.  When I got back, he was asleep in a heap.
Dorothy started fussing in Cooper's room while I was changing his pants, and I really didn't blame her because holy shit (srsly) that diaper smelled bad.  I left her on the floor sounding kind of pitiful while I washed my hands, fully intending to come back and get her in a second but then Cooper needed help putting his shirt on (he is the king of getting naked these days), and he needed me to find his pacifier, and he did such a good job of signing "help" that I had no choice but to rush to his assistance.  Anyway, long story short, Dorothy scooted on her tummy all the way from Cooper's room to my bedroom where the great paci hunt was undeway, crying the whole time.  It as totally pathetic.

After that, she would only be happy snuggled up in the Ergo, which was lovely but unusual for her-- lately she is far too squirmy to be content in there.
Sweetest baby ever.
I love blogging everyday in November.  Not because I have anything much to say but because of the exact opposite.  Recording every little mundane day makes me realize how wonderful this life is.  I may wish I were sleeping more or sleeping baby-free, but knowing that I get to wake up every morning to these 4 lovely (naggy, screamy, fighty) funny, bright little babies and spend my whole day taking care of them and hearing about their days at school and finding caps for their markers and wiping their noses and reading their stories and making them laugh and laughing myself-- it's wonderful.  Equally wonderful is the quiet that falls over this loud loud loud house at 8:00 every night when it's TV, wine, and work catch up time with my best friend in the world.  I mean seriously HOW GREAT IS THIS?  "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" (my favorite holiday song and one I cannot wait to start listening to as soon as Thanksgiving is over-- unlike a certain HARRISON who cannot get enough of the Sirius XM Holly station and has even sung the station's theme song and noted that it is different than it was last year-- he cannot possibly wait until next week for carols, but I totally can)  remembers "happy golden days of yore," and these are those days for sure with everyone small and sweet and adorable and curious and happy.  Just so happy.


  1. This is just lovely...

    (Except for the diaper bit!)

  2. Yes! That is exactly how I feel too!!