Saturday, November 23, 2013


Doesn't she look mischievous? She was definitely contemplating a move.
Cooper fell asleep yesterday at the lunch table waiting for me to assemble his bagel with peanut butter, strawberry Greek yogurt and banana (his favorite lunch).  Note the catalog.
Dorothy was our dinner date last night.  We got a babysitter for the boys and went on a marathon Hanukkah shopping spree.
Which would look WAY AWESOMER if we had a Christmas tree, but that doesn't happen until after Thanksgiving, so the kitchen counter it is.  Cooper is losing his shit every time he looks in that direction, by the way, and Harry and Jack have already inspected their respective piles and decided they are opening the biggest gifts first.  Of course.
I use Harry's iPod as her white noise machine, and bonus!  She likes to dance and hold it.
Fully accessorized.
She loved the tissue paper from Jack's new snow boots.  Christmas is going to BLOW HER MIND
Ben and mini girl Ben.  The only time I ever want to have more babies is when I realize how much these 4 look like him.  Could there ever be another combination of our genes?  I am starting to think not.
Harry and I are really into Skip Bo.

That baby has already woken up once since I put her to bed-- teeth, I assume, so I have to get back to gift wrapping.

I thought I was done last night. We bought Jack the Build-a-Bear dresser he has been wanting since Cooper's birthday party.  We took it out of the box to assemble and wrap it last night and found out that not only is the inside made of cardboard, but ours was missing a pole and a hook vital to its function.  We figured screw it, the thing sucks, and we swapped it out for another toy we had stashed away for Christmas.  This morning at breakfast, I mentioned that we looked at the Build-a-Bear dresser and found out it was kind of flimsy and cardboardy, so we weren't going to buy it.  Jack immediately started to cry (not for attention, just because he was sad) and said he'd have to ask for it from Santa and didn't care that it was cardboard because he would "take care of it goodly."  NEEDLESS TO SAY, Ben exchanged it today and picked up a sparkly tutu and a police costume to hang inside.  Got to wrap!


  1. Anonymous12:15 AM

    Baby #5 could be Mini-Sarah! It took 4 to get a girl so you're making progress.

  2. I always read your posts scratching my head and thinking "How could Dorothy be so big??" She is adorable! I think she has your smile in that last picture! Your DNA has to come out somewhere!!