Tuesday, November 05, 2013

On the road again

We had a busy weekend, and I took pictures on my phone AND my real camera. Since it's NaBloPoMo, and I don't have a thing to say, I had a genius idea! I am going to only post the iPhone pics in my photo stream right now, and then tomorrow when I realize that telling you about 2 days of Little Gym and a morning Kindermusik class is totes boring, I can use the pictures from my camera! zOMG!

We have not gone anywhere overnight since we had Dorothy, but last weekend, we decided to go back to our old college to see friends at a speech tournament and see my parents and see my best friend since first grade.  All in one day because we had hockey on Sunday.  Gulp.

Friday afternoon we took a family mall trip to buy a little gift for my friend Katie's girls who were hosting a weekend playdate and to buy Harry some longer exercise pants to wear under his hockey gear in anticipation for his first game. Dorothy, as you can see, was bored.
Cooper was also bored, but instead of seeping, he shrieked.  It was terrible.  But it didn't dissuade me from buying all of the cute things at Baby Gap.

This was our super packed car.  All of this for ONE NIGHT away from home.  4 kids is a lot of kids.
We turned Cooper's car seat around, and facing forward at the young age of 25 months BLEW HIS FREAKING MIND.  Every time we passed a truck there was joyful yelling.  Cows?  Cows were unbelievable.
We went to my favorite pizza place on Saturday night, and Dorothy might have my lazy eye.
On the way home Sunday, I ran into a McDonalds because Cooper needed (NEEDED) a milk.  I got all 3 boys hash brown because they have never had them before and who doesn't love a McDonalds hash brown?  Cooper liked his so much he ate the wrapper, too.  Because he is a little monster.  He also ate my phone case.  The kid has a lot of teeth.
I glanced back to take Jack's picture and noticed that he was drawing on his car seat with a marker at that precise second.  Luckily I had a bag of art supplies in the front seat that I was able to pass back to him (MOTY)
Cooper didn't need no stupid art supplies.
Hockey Harry!
Hockey mom (It's just as glamorous as you think it is.  SARAH PALIN WAS RIGHT.)
Cooper.  Animal.
Little skater.  Not sure where the other players are.  With the puck, probably.
Cooper with a healthy snack.
He was so sweaty after the game
We came straight from Pekin to the hockey game, so on the way home we decided to do our weekly Whole Foods/Trader Joe's shuffle.  It was too much excitement for Dorothy.
I gave one to Cooper and turned back around to stare at my phone.  A few seconds later, I heard a weird squelching noise and looked back to see that he completely liquified it, rubbed it up to his elbows, in his hair, all over his car seat straps, etc.

Not truffle material, that one.

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  1. I love how much fun you guys have together! Now I'm itching for a road trip too. And some McDonald's hashbrowns. Mmmm.

    When we turned James around for the first time he screamed as we drove up our street. He'd never known how fast we were going!