Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The 3 boys are all really, really, really into helping me lately.  With anything.  With everything.  As you might imagine, this help is sometimes really great-- like when Harry or Jack feeds Dorothy so I can clean up a meal or prep a meal or pack the damn lunches that always, always need packing.  (SERIOUSLY.  LUNCHES.  I have been trying to sell the kids on their hot lunch options everyday, but darned if they don't always want a home lunch.  And on the rare days the menu tempts their preshus little palates, Ben reminds me of how much we spend in organic groceries, and I cannot in good conscience let them get a school lunch.  So.  LUNCHES. Sisyphean lunches).

Other times, though, as you can also imagine, help makes work.  Like Cooper needing to cook his own breakfast:

Or sweet Jack who needs to make our coffees every morning.

I could eat her up.  Seriously.  Except I made another batch of chocolate chip cookies (sans helpers it only took like 4 minutes), and I don't have the calories.

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