Saturday, November 16, 2013

NaBloPoMo is the only reason I am here right now

Members of our college speech team are in town for a tournament that Ben is running at my school (did you follow all that?) and they came over for dinner tonight. It was fun! We had pizza! And cheese! And lots of cookies!

I took a picture of everyone grouped around the couch on my real camera which I never use anymore because my phone camera is way easier, and when I uploaded it to my computer, I found 2 pictures from November 7th (AKA my mom's birthday) of Dorothy standing for the first time. Behold:
Okay, in this one she was definitely leaning.  But still.  We were proud.
Whenever Jack tries a new food, he has to sing the try-new-foods-because-they-might-taste-good song from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood.  Here he is acting like this cold casserole might kill him.  I thought it tasted exactly like pizza.
When it is 15 minutes before they are getting picked up to go to a birthday party, and you have shit to do, you can say to a seven year-old wrap your friend's present and write in his card, and THEY CAN DO IT.  7 is pretty awesome.
I am going to go MAKE MY CHRISMUKKAH CARD on Tinyprints.  Take that late Thanksgiving/early Hanukkah-- I GOT YOU.

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  1. Anonymous11:12 PM

    I'm glad you're forced to blog every day