Sunday, November 10, 2013

Under the wire

After generally sucking it up at his first hockey game of the season, Harry was much, much better today.  He even scored a goal!  (During the interminable interlude I spent chasing Cooper around the lobby, but Ben saw it and said it was adorable because Harry was so excited).

Jack and Cooper had sack lunches in the lobby, and Cooper was very interested in the contents of Jack's which was exactly the same as his because I am not stupid. 
 Bribe M&Ms
 This is as comfortable as it looks.
 Not the most flattering angle.  By the way, I think she's teething.
 Hey look!  The mini-Bens got identical hair cuts today

 Blueberries!  She did not know what to do with these.
 Cooper did, though.
OMFG. I have to squeeze my whole life into 2 baby-free hours at night-- but now she is up and screaming, and I have to go to bed with her so she will sleep.  So much for reading at night.  (Ben just told me I will miss these days, and I almost killed him).

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  1. I will miss cuddling and snuggles and footie pajamas and still being the coolest person in the world. I will not miss the screaming and the bathroom audience and the never having time and the diaper blow-outs.
    Smarty-pants with your sack lunches! My kids would've had vending machine chex-mix and a squeeze applesauce rescued from the bottom of the diaper bag.