Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Quick trip to Peoria

Bradley University!  Our alma mater!  The place we met in 1995!

We went back for a quick trip on Saturday because there was a speech tournament and we got a chance to see tons of old friends.

Here's Harry and Jack realizing they'd been there before.
 Look at those little men!
 I love Cooper's determined little stance.
 Hugging?  Poking? Not sure.
 A little football on the quad.
 My mom came too!  And Cooper is such a pain in the ass when he wants something, I usually give it to him, even Chick-fil-A which is a company I never ever support.
 Jack took this one
 And then a nice family took this one for us (it was also parents weekend)
 Big man on campus.
 We also got to visit my oldest friend in the world and her two adorable little girls.  Dorothy had fun (and so did the rest of us).
A great whirlwind trip home.


  1. Anonymous1:44 AM

    Did you intend to copy Lydia's hair?
    Does Ben ever get to carry Dorothy in that sling?
    Has Ben grown taller since college?

  2. Why not support Chick Fil A? Too conservative of political views? Just curious if there is something atrocious of which I am unaware.

    Great pictures. Did you guys plan to both go there to college back when you met in '95? Or just a happy accident?