Friday, November 29, 2013

Welcome to the future! I figured out how to blog on my phone!

We had a completely lovely Thanksgiving. The food was perfect. The kids were reasonably well behaved. My twenty-something cousins opened the 1964 bottle of Crown Royal in my grandpa's den that everyone has been eyeing for years. Why yes I did start sinking whiskey at 1:30 in the afternoon. Why yes, yes I was in bed by 9:45. Why do you ask?

We stayed in a perfect suite--- bedroom for me Ben and Dorothy, a bedroom with bunk beds for Harry and Jack and a pack n play for Cooper, a kitchen where we could stash the gallon of milk we always travel with, and a sitting room with a fold out couch in case one of the kids was sleeping poorly and needed to sleep with one of us. 

We had all the kids in bed by 9 and drank some wine on the couch just like home. Except at home we are not half drunk on old, smooth whiskey and so full of brined turkey and matzah ball soup that we might burst. 

We are on our way to my parents house for the rest of the weekend-- more Hanukkah gifts to exchange, old favorite restaurants to frequent, and friends to visit. 

The most wonderful time of the year indeed. 
Before our 5-hour car ride. I love Dorothy's dress and I love how casual Cooper is compared to everyone else. 

Little maestro
On the way
She was such a sweet baby at dinner last night. We forgot all of her food, but that was fine because she loved mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, matzah balls, and broccoli and celery from the veggie tray
Check Jack out in the background-- so proud of the cranberry bread he made at school
Big fans of their new Charlie Brown dolls 
Started the morning with room service
Which got out of hand quickly
She's a cruiser
And you know these little pasties were up for the hotel pool 
Jack was not scared at all;Harry was a canon baller, and Coop was a little fish
Ben and Dorothy were dry
All 4 kids have been magically asleep for the last 2 hours, but they're stirring now. 
I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgoving with people you love. 

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