Monday, November 25, 2013


Yesterday after hockey (OMG-- Harry was the goalie, and he did such a good job- he only let a few pucks in, and he made some excellent saves. And the pads were HUGE and Ben put them on wrong, so Harry's big strategy was to lie on the ice and use his giant mitts-- it worked well) Harry andI braved the mall crowds to pick up some mini pie molds from Williams Sonoma because I was hell bent on making teeny pumpkin pies to go with our Cornish game hens and broccoli so we could pretend to be giants.

After fighting through the crowd to park, taking a detour to wave at Santa (the mall Santa we have visited for the last 7 years is not there this year!  I hope he didn't die.  When Harry noticed the change, he said, "Oh, I guess our mall doesn't have the real Santa this year."  I LOVE HIM SO MUCH), snagging the pie molds and going to the grocery store for pumpkin, I kind of forgot about my pie project and focused on assorted house chores instead.  At like 3:30, I started to make pies and forgto that the dough needed to chill for a couple hours.

TL;DR:  I made blondies that were okay but did not fit the giant theme.

How cute is Cooper;s tray all fancy?
How cute is a tiny man with a tiny bird?
All the passed dishes dead end at Jack.
He's a giant!!
He had to eat a bagel instead
The body cavity grossed him out
I'M A GIANT! (This does not get old for me, in case you're wondering)
Wish bone!
Magically, his dishes survived the meal
Cooper LOVES helping.  Here he is putting leftover stuffing in a tupperware.  Look at his tippy toes.


  1. Anonymous10:01 AM

    Did the kids like the hens? My mom has a fantastic recipe for Cornish hen.

  2. Pretending to be giants! So fun!!

  3. So freaking cute!!